Have you ever thought about how companies make normal, store-bought cream cheese?

Na, I don’t think about it either.

I’d rather make my own awesome, home-made cream cheese!

It is super, super, super easy.

There are just two steps. That’s right, folks. TWO STEPS. Heck, you can either say it’s just one step.



To make home-made cream cheese you just transfer a container (about 1 kg) of PLAIN yogurt into a cheesecloth placed on top of a bowl.



Place into the refrigerator and let the curds and whey separate overnight.


That’s it! I promise. The curds and the whey separate and the end result is awesome, homemade cream cheese.

DON’T YOU DARE throw away the whey, either.

Whey has many benefits. Read Lydia’s post on the Many Benefits of Whey to see how great it is.

Whey also has many uses. Read Kresha’s post 10 Way to Use Whey. It’s great!


And finally…I have a secret to tell you.

And since I love to pass on good secrets, I’m going to share it.

Gather around children, young and elderly.

This secret’s a good one:

Did you know that homemade cream cheese is pretty much justGreek yogurt! It’s just a little thicker, that’s all.

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