Hubby thinks I've gone mad. Yesterday I started removing our lawn because it is a mixture of weeds and kikuya and I'm replacing it with anything I've got an abundance of seed-wise and that is easy to pull out later: corn, wheat, marigolds, parsley, buckwheat, alfalfa and goodness knows what else as I go along. Why? Because I'm organic and I don't want to spray my lawn to get rid of it, neither do I want a muddy bog while I painstakingly remove it. Since I don't have oodles of spare time it will probably take me quite a while, and then when I've finished I can pull out the replacements all in one go and then level the whole thing. Finally, I will put in pebbled paths and sow some nice grass. Yes, the kids won't have a lawn to play on for a while but I think they'll enjoy hiding behind the corn and examining all the beneficial insects and their backyard will definitely be unique for a city garden.

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