Well, there have been a few stressful changes going on in our lives recently: I've started fulltime work (plus continuing to work parttime on Saturdays), my son's started fulltime care, then my husband was made redundant and is currently looking for a new job :/ Plus the usual winter colds, tiredness and other interruptions, so the garden got put on the backburner a bit. But now we're getting some lovely sunny days here in Dunedin and I'm starting to get a bit more energy back - must be Spring springing!

I FINALLY got my trenches dug with the help of my husband, and my garlic has now sprouted - I have some seed potatoes to plant in the same bed which I was planning to do yesterday but got waylaid into potting seedlings. I've decided that the Property Press makes the best paper pots, the paper is strong enough that it doesn't deteriorate when it gets damp like normal weight newspaper. We now have broad bean and mini leek seedlings waiting to sprout in the greenhouse - I think the previous owner must have been growing onions in some sort of hydroponic system, the shelves in the greenhouse are gutters filled with some sort of small stones. Weird...

I'm thinking I'll turn the next bed into a "lasagne" or sheet garden, covering the grass with a few layers of newspaper then build up layers of compost to plant into. Double-digging the one huge plot was enough for me, thanks!

Dali and I planted some strawberry plants in the front yard last weekend, and now every few hours he's asking if his strawberries are ready to eat yet. He was attracted by the Mitre 10 Mega ad on TV showing luscious red strawberries to advertise their plants: "Maybe you should go there mummy, get some strawberries?" The boy's mad for them. I pity the poor barely-coloured fruit that are going to be ripped up as soon as they appear :/

My comfrey has resurrected its bruised and battered self, so I expect it to start running rampant shortly and I can make up some "yummy" comfrey tea. I also found a lone crippled rhubarb at the garden centre, so I'm hoping the comfrey's Lazarus-like abilities will transfer to it.

Of course, today it's raining so now that I've hit my stride it'll have to be postponed, hopefully just until tomorrow evening. Loving the extra light at night and in the morning - reminds me that there's only a few days until Daylight Savings starts, eeep!

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Comment by Hester on September 22, 2009 at 7:43pm
Really enjoyed reading your blog. Your junior strawberry gardener must be very sweet. I think your rhubarb will be okay-it's very similar to comfrey in its toughness.Pretty hard to kill. I dug all mine up and left all the roots in an empty pot which I watered occasionally when I remembered, for about 18 months. When i finally wnet looking for it to replant I still had one root alive in the dried out mass. I replanted it and it's looking like a plant again.


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