So it seems like the nasty weather won't go away! My tomatoes finally flowered yesterday, only get to get knocked over by the wind today! They don't look so beautiful anymore, but hopefully they'll still get some fruit going on some day soon!

My poor zucchini had its two flowers I was so proud of knocked off too! It has a few more coming up, but i'm starting to feel like giving up as I may be the only person who cannot produce a huge crop of the things!

On a good note, I made a banana cake and then remembered I had some left over cherries, so I decided to attempt to make jam for the first time ever. I will definitely considering wearing red next time, as it was a pretty messy exercise pitting them!

I figured it didn't have to be sweet just because I was using cherries, and I have a real lemon obsession at the moment, so cherry and lemon it was! Turned out pretty well considering I was only pretending to know what I was doing, now I just have to find something to use it with. Pretty glad I tend to hoard glass jars because I can see this preserving thing becoming a bit of an obsession.

I can't wait until I have tomatoes to work with. Maybe next summer...

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Comment by Stephanie Blackwood on January 3, 2012 at 11:16am

Oh tomatoes are the enemy! The sun is shining today so i'm going to try and prop them back up nicely, they haven't snapped completely, I still have some faith!

I can't wait until I can preserve heaps of stuff. I despise raw tomatoes but I am love them in everything when they're cooked!

Comment by Michal Moore on January 2, 2012 at 4:21pm

Same happened to me with my tomatoes, I was so proud of myself as I did stake them but they grew fast and two plants snapped in half. Keep going with the gardening and preserving, I love making my own stuff, and then give it away to friends and family....

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