100 members in 19 days. That's pretty fast isn't it?

What we are finding is that to keep the Ooooby network running it takes a real human presence to be the host or MC so to speak. Someone who welcomes people, answers queries on things like how to upload a profile picture and all that comes with being a good host of any gathering of people.

With the numbers growing at the current rate, James and I are recognising that it won't take long before we can't possibly see to everyone.

As local areas build up a critical mass of people, usually around 150 reasonably active members, we plan to create a dedicated network for that area. eg. Waiheke Island, Maleny, etc.

We expect that the first breakaway network will form once more than 400 members populate this original network.

Everyone will still have full access to the original network, but most relevant activity will be on the dedicated local networks.

So if you would be interested in (or even better, enthusiastically excited about) the prospect of being an Ooooby MC for your dedicated local network, please let us know in the comments box below or send Pete Russell or James Samuel a message.

We can help you to get your local area Oooobying, and then once it reaches critical mass, you're off and running.

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Comment by Verity George on February 11, 2009 at 2:26pm
Hi Pete, read about you in VIVA, my partner and I have a neighbourhood cafe in Westmere, Garnet Station, 85 Garnet Rd, next to the Primary school and the local dairy. In the article you say you are "scoping out somewhere in Grey Lynn or Ponsonby as a potential place" for Ooooby. I'd love you to visit when/if you are in the city next (I also made the best coffee in Akl - fully organic of course!). I look forward to hearing from you. Ph 360 3397.

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