Today I tried again with my parnsips - the last lot failed to germinate. This was no surprise after catching Celeste the cat using that part of the garden for her toileting requirements on several occasions.

My 78 year old neighbour, Clyde, has told me that the best way to sow them is to flood the area (doubly necessary I suspect, in my case after Celeste's antics) and then scrape back the very surface, put the seeds in and lightly cover. Next, cover them with wet newspaper. In 3 weeks time, he swears I'll have loads of seedlings. I'll let you know...(and yes, I've employed some wire netting to foil Celeste this time!)

Other garden jobs today; dug in some compost where the tomatoes will go later and covered the area with leaf mould.

In the seed trays the morning glory and hollyhocks are starting to appear.

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