Ive grown potatoes in an apple bin. I 've read that I can leave the potaotes there all winter (in Motueka) and just take them out as I need them. But it seems to me they will rot from the rain, does anyone know anything about this ? thanks for any help. Phoenix

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Comment by Shona Cullen on April 5, 2009 at 2:56pm
Hi Phoenix's, Yes I belive that to be true. Potatoe's are new to me too, but do you really want to waste the use of that apple box over the winter for storage? It maybe wrong but you could up lift the potatoes and start green manure to have the soil as strong and vibrant as you can to get ready for the next growing season. You could spend to winter composing and adding everything that can help grow eg:manure, green manure, seaweed washed up on the local beach after some bad weather, sand if your soil is to heavy clay if it's to light.
GREEN MANURE + Lupins Mustard Buck weat etc...


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