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Created By Gajanand Agarwal email id :- , Mobile 0091 98 19 0 19 0 19 Dated:- 4 August 2012

My Serious Request To Yourself .Below Information is intended for education purpose and has no underlying motives to do any Business with yourself or Do any Kind of financial transaction.

Kindly Please Do not misunderstand me


Below article has been Recognized by many authorities of many international organizations and also ISKCON Devotees/Gbc/Sanyasis .


Article :- Revolutionary organic Farming !

Hare Krishna

All Glories To Shrila Prabhupada

Please Accept My Humble Obeisance's

Dandavat Pranam

Respected Senior Devotee ,

Since last 12 Years I have been into Various Businesses Like Information technology ( website & software ) ,Telecom ,Finance & Cloth Businesses (manufacturing, our 40 year old family business).

Recently I was attracted by Agricultural Business in India Especially Organic Farming , Since I am Born Marwari ,We Marwari's When we Try to Research on any Business ,

We First try to find out who has made Maximum profit from the Same Business ,

So I did as well and I found out information about Mr. Sadanandaji from Karnataka ,Gauribidanur

Click Here to Know more about Gauribidanur

Using Smart Techniques/Brains , Sadanandji has been able to achieve a Profit of $21000/ per acre that is total approx $42,000 dollars in his 2 acre Farm by doing Organic farming

Click Here to Know more about Sadanandajis Story


More to it, as per the India's Soil Conditions are Considered , He is not even having the best Soil of India which is in Karnataka as compared to other best soil in the country

Karnataka is not even considered among top 8 States accounted for agriculture contributions in the country

as per my research as below link , Maharashtra is one of the best a best destination for agriculture in India ,

Click Here to Know more about Agricultural Report of India

moreover ,the type of soil good for agriculture is also called loamy soil which is also found on the coast of Maharashtra

Click Here to Know more about Best Soils For Agricultural in india

you can see the map it shows Loam soil found in Coastal region of Maharashtra ,Goa & Karnataka

So My Logic was normally a business which gives a Profit return on investment up to 25% year is Considered Good

Now Agricultural Land with Loamy Soil near river in Maharashtra is available for only $1200 /acre onwards ,

So by using Sadanandjis Technique of Organic farming

We can Make 30 times Profit every year on our investment

Moreover land prices of your owned asset increases in time and You can have 1000 times appreciation on your land investment in time

So Technically no risk ! only gain !

My priority is to buy something near a river /dam with Loam soil for organic farming

I am also in talking terms with agriculture scientist and we are discussing how we can maximize return with any agriculture land so even the land which are not considered good for particular crops , can be considered ,

as per my research I shall choose organic Herbal medicine plantation since , it is the most profitable.

Fruits Like Noni are in Great demand and even our devotee friend owner of Lupin group Desh bandhuji has also started noni drink manufacturing on a large scale

Another supported fact about profiting with noni :)

Click Here to Know more about Growing Noni in india

as per the land offers I have received from various villages /farmers in Maharashtra from price of range of $900/acre to $ 5000/acre , I am thinking hard about chiplun which also means Abode of Lord Parshuram

There is 100 thousand acres of land available for sale /400 sq kilometers (size of Mumbai ) in this coastal areas of Maharashtra and if we all Vedic People can buy this land and use it for organic farming ,

we can later convert this area into Worlds First Vedic city

This is just for your info , maybe we can do more better than this farmer Sadanandaji

at ANY FARM COMMUNITY in the world

My Vision is to make Every Charity Organization a independent fund sufficient community

Who may not need funds from outside to survive and grow at 25% to 50% per year , this possible with Organic Farming.

We have Lot of options for Investment in Organic farming in India in Flood free zones, for non Indians, Indians, foreigners etc .

We are in touch with farmers who are making more than $200,000 per year from just 6 acres of land with organic farming in india


You can always Call me on my Number 98 190 190 19 or email at ,

Don't Hesitate ! To Contact me,if you have read this Article ,I have more things to Discover/Share by communicating with me !

I need more Friends who are interested in Organic and Vedic life ! I shall share more information with you !

Your Servant

Gajanand agarwal

Business man & Student for Life !


------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------

My most inspiration about Agricultural Business came from my Visit at Goverdhan Eco Village at Wada a Project inspired by ISKCON CHOWPATTY Devotees

and also from my Connections in Herbal Medicine industry Through My Devotee Friend Deval Joshi Prabhuji Who introduced me to many agriculture scientists known to Him

And From My Wife Elena agarwal ,Who is a Scientist at Uc Berkeley University Lab (Lawrence Berkeley) as a Senior Research Associate For Bio Sciences & Bio fuels.


Ever Since I shared my research , dozens of friends, relatives etc approached me for any opportunity for investments and other things and this inspired me a lot and made me feel everyone is thinking in the same line as me,

in future I shall share any good plan of action for systematic method to start organic farming and to derive benefits from it.

My desire is every person on this planet earth should have at least Few acres of agriculture farm land :)

money earned from such farmland With Multiple Crops and Indian Desi cows could be more than enough for a family to do anything else !

Thanks For your patience , I am sure all the little information I have shared with you , must have triggered your minds to think of Looking back and acquiring some piece of organic nature for yourself or to support a cause !

That was my Goal !

It is important to Educate your Friends and Colleagues and People whom you care since the Care ultimately comes back to you , I hope I will also receive some informative emails from you whenever

you come across anything nice for Spiritual revolution


Questions & Answers By Gajanand agarwal to Samir Paleja (Famous Writer For a Popular magazine and Agricultural Practioner /Researcher)

Question 1.> I am planning to take a land in chiplun , I need to understand what are list of crops I can grow in this locations of Maharashtra and what is the revenue /investment from those crops.

Answer :-Any crops can be grown any where if we allow nature to work in its own way.

Question 2>who is the person who can suggest above questions most appropriate answers

Answer :-Mr. Bhaskar Save and Mr. Deepak Suchde (Search the link to this Video in this article )

Question 3.> I want to a test run by buying 10 acres and see the results and then mostly I shall go for bigger land options/deals like 1000 or 2000 acres or may be 10,000 acres from my family support.

Answer :-Test case should be in 1/10th of acre.

Question 4.> My vision is simply that I am thinking of getting investors to buy 108 acres farm from my venture which will have 8 acres land used for house + pool + any go downs or shade etc and 100 acres for agriculture

Answer :-Good but agricultural land is different and residential land is different. you need to check it with someone like who stays on farm land.

I am a member-volunteer of a farming group called urban leaves India so I know about Mr. Sadanand. There are many such farmers in India-Maharashtra who earn handsomely through organic farming.

Agriculture can be profitable only when you consider it as a CULTURE and not a BUSINESS. It sounds weird, but true. You can watch following video interview of Sri Bhaskar Save who is father of organic farming in India.

Your Research & Plan is v good, but not easy to implement as it seems on paper. Needs lots of determination, faith in nature, hard work, extra ordinary marketing skills. For success in organic farming 3 to 4 years of soil making-soil maturing is required. Water conservation is must, though your land might be in rain fed area. Without the cows it's very hard to get success as cow dung and urine (plus blessings of cows) are necessary for good crop.

Farming is 24hrs job, you cannot leave it to labors. As it is now days it's hard to find labor as they opt to work in infra projects because it pays them more.

I would suggest you to visit successful organic farmers and get firsthand knowledge of it.


Critical Suggestion By My Friend Hareshji as per my last revolutionary email to him:-



A full fledged City Farmer my friend vipul

"Vipul Sanghavi"

Who says one needs land to grow vegetables?
And who feels that Organic farming practices
do not give sufficient yields?
A visit to our enthusiastic member Vipul Sanghvi’s
terrace will put to rest any such doubts.

After dedicatedly making Amrut Mitti for a year

the roof top garden in a span of six months resembles a food forest.

Renamed as the ‘Kasturi Vaatika’, this space of about 1000 sft. has been consistently yielding vegetables – enough to sustain 3 or 4 families’ daily requirements.

So deep is Vipul’s love for the plants
that he often refuses to undertake trimming of his plants. This creates such dense & shaded patches, it almost resembles a forest.

And the terrace is utilised not just for growing Fruits & Vegetables……

……………., but also for flowering plants.

These flowers attract bees and other insects which effectively pollinate the plants, thereby providing such bounty of fruits.

And of course there are some star attractions as well - the fiery tabasco peppers, the corn and the young pomegranate.

All in all, he has managed to recreate a paradise in the concrete city.

A star student, a dedicated sincere volunteer Vipul has set an example.

Are you motivated to follow?
A few blow up of the photographs, as suggested by our readers



Very Important Documentary Films

1.) Extremely Powerful Community of City Farmers, Now inspiring the whole world ( Urban Leaves )

2.) as Per Above Research/Article, You Know Sadananda is Profiting $42000/Yr with 2 acres of land in Karnataka ( almost 89000 sqft land size )

Now Here is a Documentary of a Person Living in Usa and Earning $25000/Yr with Just 1/10 of a acre that is 4000 Sqft space.He is Popularly Knows as Urband Homstead

3.) We Know the Stories Successful Farmers who are Doing Good with Organic Farming and Great situations of Land/Climate

Now here is a Documentary of a Farmer who is Successful in doing organic farming with Unsuppportive situations

A story of an innovation farmer: Waste-water reused to grow fooder and even vegetables

4.) Srila Prabhupada Writes That one man,one cow,one acre of land is enough for keeping him Happy.

Peter proctors famous film One man one cow one acre Proves it

5.) Have You Ever Thought That Even a Desert Can be restored to be a Green Forest ? John Lieu has Made it happen

Turning Deserts into Forest ! Miracle by John

6.)So many Dams/Water Projects are Being made To Save Water For Farming.Do you really think So much water is Needed ?

Mr Bhaskar save Claims only 7 % Water is enough to Grow enough Food for the entire Country.We Do not Need to Destroy Nature

Bhaskar Save International award winner

7.) Deepak Suchdeji Teaches Basics of Organic Farming

8.) Can You Imagine a Place on Earth which is 100% Self Sustainable without any need of anything from outside ?

Alexander Petroff -- Building a sustainable village in the Congo - YouTube

Alexander Petroff !! Famous Talk at Ted

9.)Now You are Sure That Organic Farming is enough to be self sufficient Financially.Here is a Example of a Women who choose Milk Dairy for her Financial independence

10.)There are 800 Cow Breeds all over the world ! Do You Really Think All The Breeds are For Real Cows ? Do They Give same benefit in their Milk ? What does Shastra say about it!

Vedic Cow Verses English Cow ! By His Grace Madan Gopal Prabhuji

Miracles of Healing with Cow Medicine

11.)Revolutionary Scientist Who Speaks Unheard Truth (Hindi)

Uttam maheswari talks about Cow theraphy (Hindi)

Two Hr Seminar Uttam maheshwari ji "How to make Bharat(india) Golden Bird just by saving via DESI COW"

Five Hr workshop By Uttamji

12.)We Have Heard About Self Sufficent People/Places With Organic Farming/Milk Dairy.Here is a Documentary of a Person who Leads Self Sufficient Movement.

Bunker Roy: Learning from a barefoot movement

13:) Have You Ever Imagined To Study in a School Build inside the nature and has no walls ?

John Hardy: My green school dream

14:) Krushak Ashram, Sustainable Agriculture, Satara, India (Organically Grown) Explains Us How Stopping fertilizers Can Increase Production

15:) Kailash Murthy Claims organic farming on following Principles

No cultivation
No chemical Fertilizers
No weeding by tillage or weedicides
No dependence on chemicals.

16:) Lost Village a Documentary by Loknath swami

17:) Sir Ken Robinson Speaks on Education !

A> Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

B> Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms

C> Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

18:> Do you Understand What is Going on This Financilal World ?


19:>Do You Really think what you eat Today is Really Healthy ? Are You Aware of Gmo ?

For those who don't know about it, the must see movie "Genetic Roulette" about the pervasiveness and real danger of Genetically Modified foods and the harm within, has been edited to a ten minute version, which can be found through this link:

This is a great educational tool, and very informative. Everyone can watch this for ten minutes and come away with a different perspective on this.

Of course, the complete version with all of the interviews and information and the cover ups of the damage GMOs do, from Canola oil, Soybeans, Corn, etc., can be found here:

20:> Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action This is a Must See


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