Last week Ooooby was given a wonderful opportunity to plug into the bright young minds of 90 freshly minted university graduates during their induction to the fray of sharp thinkers at Deloitte.

Selwyn Paris, Head of Innovation at Deloitte, invited me to come along to present the Ooooby concept, our goals and our 3 main challenges.

Dave Farrelly, Partner at Deloitte, then facilitated an 'Innovation Cafe' workshop process and ensured that the exercise stayed focussed and organised.

The concept of Ooooby is to facilitate easy and affordable access to local food and the 3 year goal is to serve over 10,000 households.

The graduates formed into workgroups of around 6 - 8 people with each group focussed on one of the following challenges.

1) How do we connect with more local food growers and food producers?

2) How do we recruit great people to be part of the Ooooby team in their home town?

3) How do we connect with all the people out their who would love to eat more local food if only it weren't such a hassle to find and buy?

Each group produced a 2 minute presentation on the ideas they came up with and they were all exceptionally good.

In a nutshell, Ooooby now has a wall full of great practical and applicable ideas that we can start to implement.

I had often wondered what these guys in the big glass building at 80 Queen street do and now I can see that they excel in helping organisations navigate their way towards reaching their goals.

Thank you Selwyn, Dave, Peat, all the graduates and the rest of the Deloitte team for your fantastic contribution towards achieving the vitally important purpose of relocalising our food systems.

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