Tree planting and mulching weekend ahead!

Hi Everyone
I've compiled a collection of young trees to plant out this weekend.
From Koanga I got 4 x dwarf apple trees, which I plan to espalier along the fence.
A heap of comfrey cutting also bought for planting under the trees.
From Kaipara Nurseries I got 2 x feijoas, an avocado and another lemon tree.
From my cuttings taken last autumn I have 4 spouting plum trees in pots. I think I'll plant out one of these and keep the rest for grafting peaches onto next year maybe.

Purchased 20 bales of Barley straw from a farm in Warkworth yesterday also, so plan to spread that out.
Im not sure how it's going to go in this wind though, it might all blow away! My plan is to spread it on layers of cardboard as a sheet mulch for weed suppression and moisture retention. Maybe I should wet it all to try and keep it in place?
Will post some progress photos after the weekend....

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