One of the feeding the city series of articles, this one focuses on Detroit. This is the city where journalist Jerry White reported last year that the once proud Motor City where working class living standards were accelerated now has more than 40,000 vacant lots, numerous abandoned neighbourhoods and three times the poverty rate of the average American city. It's also the city where the Detroit News reported that urban dwellers such as a retired truck driver hunts and sells raccoon, rabbit and pheasant from the abandoned areas to supplement his Social Security check.

This article shows how food has emerged as a key motivating force of Detroiters' efforts to re-imagine their town as a thriving, livable place. All sorts of people are working together toward the goal of a healthy, inclusive food system where a food desert once stood.

It's all pretty inspiring... how can you and the ooooby principles be involved in catalysing stuff like this near you?

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