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At 10:34pm on June 30, 2013, Annabelle said…

Hi Di

I have been offered a mandarin tree to plant in a publically accessible spot. We were thinking of planting it on our front verge. I know there was that totally silly debacle with the council re planting a fruit tree on council land. Just  wondering how it all ended up? And if you have any words of wisdom?  regards Annabelle

At 9:42pm on May 18, 2013, Kirsten said…

Hiya Di,

Have heard about your scheme & try to convince my friends who complain about having too much fruit to contact you...I don't have excess fruit, but I do have jars. Are you ok for them or would you like some, read somewhere that you make chutneys & jams from the fruit as well.

At 9:26am on September 14, 2011, Wendy Elice Kendall said…

Hi Di, 

thanks for the leaflets, I will hand them out at the next market, and leave some on the oooby/community gardens table there. 

At 9:38am on September 6, 2011, Pete Russell said…

I was referring to the community fruit picking, but we could support that also.


How about we put a blurb out in next weeks Ooooby News for the community fruitpicking and link back to www.facebook.com/pickfruit .


For the working bee, you can easily post it as an event here on Ooooby by going to the events tab at the top of the site.  Let me know when it's done and I'll feature it.  You could also write a short blog about the working bee with your questions about possums etc and I could feature that to the Ooooby front page too.

At 7:57am on September 5, 2011, Pete Russell said…
Hello Di.  I have just been made aware of your fantastic initiative.  Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help.  A piece in the Ooooby News perhaps?
At 3:17pm on August 29, 2011, Nicholas Mayne said…
Ok, change of plans. My Wednesday is now also free, so I can pick up the Peach trees after work then as well. Whatever works.
At 9:03am on August 29, 2011, Nicholas Mayne said…
I work in Onehunga; and I drive through Greenlane on the want home. I could pick them all up on any day bar Wednesday this week between 4:30 and 5pm (I could saty at work a little latter if they need me to pick up after 5pm). People could then pick up from my house.
At 8:12am on August 4, 2011, Nicholas Mayne said…

Brilliant. All that you do is book a room; bring a plate (as with everyone else); and prepare to show off your garden. Don't know how many people we will get; last time it was 5. Given it is warming up to spring why don’t we get everyone to bring any surplus or unwanted seed they have and we can do some swaps.

At 9:38am on August 3, 2011, Nicholas Mayne said…
No one has volunteered hosting an August meeting for North Shore Ooooby. Would you consider hosting one at the community garden you are doing at Windsor Park. It may be a good way to get more people involved in your project.
At 9:12pm on July 19, 2011, Ricardo Oscar Marques said…


The first part if to you, the rest is copy and paste: I am doing something like you,  but bartering, and keeping the fruit for myself, keep me informed as I am interested in the development of the local economy.

Hi Wellcome to oooby. On 24 7 11 at 1030 you can come earlier or later, we are going to have a Working Bee in my House.

The idea is that the people who comes can make another working bee in their houses and we support each other.

If it works ok, the group has to grow, split and then we would have 2 groups. The master idea isthat in the future people will support each other in the gardens.

Let me know if you are interested. Find out whats happen before in our first one on http://ooooby.ning.com/group/workingbeesauckland Bye

At 8:59am on July 8, 2011, Annabelle said…

Hi Di. I read your article the other night. I think it's a fantastic idea, it makes so much sense! It's awful when you see lots of fruit wasted and rotting on the ground. I would be happy to help with picking in the future, I've just had shoulder surgery so can't help at the moment. I'm in Bayswater.


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