In the past 12 months I have received wonderful feedback about how useful and enjoyable Ooooby has been. Thank you for taking the time to let me know.

Since Ooooby began almost 12 months ago, (in 2 days time) it has steadily improved both in terms of numbers of members and it's usefulness to members. That is because the number of members determines the amount of relevant information that you can then have access to on Ooooby.

The more members, the easier it is to expand your knowledge and networks around food growing and eating local food.

So to make Ooooby even better, more enjoyable and more useful, all we need to do is build our numbers.

So how do we do that?

1. Go through your address book and invite anyone you think might be into food growing or eating locally grown food.

2. Print the attached pdf file and drop Ooooby cards into neighbourhood letterboxes and on notice boards.

3. If you know of any gardening clubs or community gardens, take some cards to them too.

4. If you know any journalists or media people who are looking for a groovy story to tell, tell them a bit of a story about Ooooby.

5. Help to develop our Key Word list by suggesting them in the comments box below. (that's if you're a bit of a social media/search geek.)

6. If you can think of other ways to build member numbers, please jot them down in the comments below.

7. Let us all know what activities you have done in your area in the comments below. Attaching photos of the activity in action is always good fun and useful.

So lets get out there and have some fun!!

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Hi Pete how are we getting on with the sharing of the solutions? Looking forward to watching it grow and multiply!!!
Caroline and Alan
Thank you Pete Russell. I'm still trying to find ways to excite others here in the states and around the world about Ooooby, but I'm still at a loss for how I can integrate this site into my own thinking and communications. I read your list of "things to do" with great interest. It's helpful. What can I do on site though to communicate better with members. For example, how do I drop an Ooooby card into other members site? Oh! Oh! Now I see it at Ooooby Card.pdf,657 KB. Okay! What else?
hey Pete,
I'm writing a funky little lifestyle/ healthy / recipe book tied into Stem Cells and wellbeing.
I would love to hear from people who have experienced or noticed any improvement in health, wellbeing or stress levels since they started eating or growing locally grown food such as through Ooooby.
I'm sure that what Ooooby inspires is a path to better mental and physical health - ultimately boosting our stem cells through reduced stress, love, sharing and better nutrition.
Let me know what you might need from me , cheers, H

Hi Harry, not exactly but we are following (trying to) an organic lifestyle after reading (or .com) about someone living an incredible 21 years since being diagnosed with motor neurone disease. My husband has it in his family. It feels much cleaner to be eating non-toxic food. I feel more in touch with the earth and as a result of that feel less guilt and more joy at the opportunity of living.


Kind regards


Shannon Knox

I think a big improvement would be to change it to a forum type site. They are a lot easier to search, find  ad follow information. The idea and content of ooooby is great, just a little unstandard format. I think you would get a lot more members using a format that most are familiar with.

Thanks Moggy.  At the moment we are restricted to the ning platform and it's format.  I acknowledge your point though.  Hopefully as we grow we can justify the cost of developing a more effective forum.

forum software is free, in the bargain basement sort of forum you can have a forum and hosting for free with adverts (not suggesting this). But they are not expensive to set up - trust me I am a programmer lol. If you want to go to this format, let me know and I can help (not asking for money)
Thanks for your support on this Moggy.  Could it be done so that people don't have to sign in to another program?  Are you thinking something like stack overflow?

For me, I like the options this site provides.  However a FAQ to help new users make the best of it would be really useful :-)  Cheers, Kathryn

hello Katherine, you might find this page useful (if you haven't already) - was this what you had in mind?


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