Hi, does anyone have a Bokashi bucket they are not using and want to sell? Also, any tips on where to get worms from on Waiheke to start a worm farm - or is it the wrong time of the year and they will freeze?? Thanks, Erica


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Hi Erica,

Don't worry about freezing your worms up here in Auckland, the summer heat is more dangerous...

Lots of good people worm farming on Waiheke. Just ask ever so kindly if you can liberate some...

We do sell worms on our website, if you don't have any luck, order from us and  I can arrange for one of my mates to drop some off for you to save on freight.




Wow I love your worm farms! We already have a worm farm ready to go (minus the worms!) but I might look at getting a grant for Waiheke Playcentre to purchase one of yours. The kids will love it. Erica

Hello Erica, you can make your own diy bokashi buckets from any stackable bins, some time ago Sue offered recycled 10 litre paint pails to bokashi group members - she may still have some left? 

Ben, love the design of your worm bins! I already have two sets of the stackable worm bins and wish I'd known about yours :) I'm sure that there are lots of fellow oooobyites who would be interested to buy your bins, perhaps you should load some photos on your profile page and include a link to your website?

Thanks so much - that would be a great solution. Haven't been able to find any suitable buckets at Placemakers to do this. Erica

Here is a link to a blog I wrote showing how I made my Bokashi buckets.




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