I'm looking for some comfrey plants, can anyone help me out??


Cheers Lorraine

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YEs, I need comfrey too.

But I have strawberries plant and lemons to trade.

Ricardo do you mind me asking what tyype of strawberry plants? I'm looking for heritage and organically grown ones..


Sorry the delay:

I may have wild strawberry and I have the (I dont know the name) the normal strawberry that is everywhere.

The normal mainstream one I growed without any pesticides or fertilizer for the last 3 years and no problem.

Might be a little bit of potting mix fertilizer in the pots but very little and insignificant, especially if later on you take runners from it.

excellent Ricardo.  I will send a friend request and we can exchnge details.


Oooops sorry about the two postings, must have been impatient or something.
Hi. I have a number of comfrey plants. How do we go about trading?

I'd like to trade for some comfrey plants too if at all possible.  But would it only work if we live in the same city?


No you don't have to be in the same city. I would just wrap roots on damp newspaper and in a plastic zip lock bag then in envelope so there would not be much post. usually people who offer are most kind and happy to send without cost to you, and then we'd do the same too!
If we become friends we can message. I have sent friend request.
Hi, I have comfrey plants, lots to spare, I'm in Queenstown though, is this any help to you?
Wonderful to me, I am happy to pay postage. Maybe the best way is to take most of the soil off and wrap in newspaper 3 or 4 plants would be sufficent, single ones?? I'll friend you and give you my address
Comfrey plants - have some now thanks to Neville in Queenstown.


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