I am looking for garlic cloves to plant. I know it's way to early to plant, but since they should be fresh out of the ground, I figured someone might have some spares. I am not picky as to what kind. I had to move mid season last year and lost all my garlic.

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Hi Andy,

I have small amounts of garlic spare for at least 2 varieties. It's mostly small this year, but ifsend me your postal address I will send you some.


KInd regards,


Todd Saunders

Hi Todd
I have messaged you my address. I have a very limited variety of seeds that I have collected. I am willing to send up to you. I have seeds from welsh bunching onions, garlic chives, perpetual spinach/silver beet, heritage tall poppies, globe artichokes (strike rate is low on these, but i just planted some and getting some germination), sorrel, parsnips, calendula, and roman chamomile. Let me know if You are interested in any of these and if so send me your address.



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