A good place to start if you have a technical question, is www.ning.com/help

If you don't find an answer there, or your question relates to some aspect of the Ooooby community then ask it here, and wait a while and someone will get back to you.

If you think you have an answer to someone's question, please DO jump in and help them out.

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How do I add my Group to the Sharing area? When I click on Add my area I get an invlaid page message.

LIkewise.  I think I'll just go back to the way I've done things in the past - too frustrating and time wasting. Sorry!

OK so I'm new to this, and I'm really struggling to get photos to upload onto a discussion/brag reply.
If I'm going to 'beat pete' in the larget tomato compeittion I really need to be able to do this - help!
There should be an image icon in the top bar of the text box in the Brag forum. A little square that when you hold your cursor over it will say something like 'add image'. Pete probably knew it would be hard for people to find it so that he could stay the winner for longer. P.S. It's not Pete's tomato anyway...it's mine.
Looks like there might be some inappropriate content added.
Is there any policy for how this will be managed?
New Member named So Little is leaving comments on peoples profiles with an invitation to view that seems a bit dodgy.
hi I created a group and wanted to put pictures on the group page. I easily put them on my page but was
unable to cut and paste them to the group page. I tried to cut and paste as when I tried the photo upload more than an hour later it still hadn't uploaded and I'm sure this cant be right.
I'm trying to change my profile picture and can't seem to. I click browse and click on the picture I want, but don't seem to be able to get any further. There is nothing asking me to download or anything like that. Help please.
hello Helen, after you selected the new photo, did you click save at the bottom of the page?
unsubscribe, please.
Hi there, I would like to edit a comment that I've added to a group that I belong to and cannot figure out how to do this. Any, all help would be appreciated. Thanks
Hello Deb, do you wish to leave ooooby or just stop receiving email notifications?

If it's the former, go to your page, click on Settings which will take you to your profile page and click on leave ooooby at the bottom of the page.

Hopefully, you only want to stop receiving emails. in which case click on the email tab to the left and select which emails if any that you want. The bottom of the page allows you to get none at all.

You can also choose to follow individual groups, blogs, discussions etc by clicking at the bottom right of each page - stop following toggles to follow.

Is this what you wanted to know?

Deb said:
unsubscribe, please.



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