A good place to start if you have a technical question, is www.ning.com/help

If you don't find an answer there, or your question relates to some aspect of the Ooooby community then ask it here, and wait a while and someone will get back to you.

If you think you have an answer to someone's question, please DO jump in and help them out.

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Ning doesnt support a drag and drop method, but if you go to your album page, it will indicate where to click to add pics, and then you can choose them on your computer.
Wow! I just tried ooooby in Safari and - yuck!

I use Chrome and can recommend it - or Firefox. I am amazed at how bad Safari is, which is not at all like Mac to fall down on such a thing, but there you go...
I use Ooooby in Safari all the time and have a scroll bar. We have OSX 10.4 11. I haven't tried any other browsers but find Ooooby fine to work with in Safari.
Could I please not receive any more emails from you. I would like to unsubscribe but it is not clear on the site how to do this. I have asked before and frustrated am still receiving emails. Thank you
Sorry to hear you've asked before and not received help. The method is as follows...

1) Click on the Settings link in the square box in the top right of the screen (under your name)
2) Click on Email on the left in the window that will open up.
3) Scroll to the very bottom, and tell us that you don't want to receive any more Ooooby emails.

Go well,

I am a newbie and this is my initial post in the forum. My interest joining in this community is to familiarized myself and gain some knowledge on how to grow mushrooms stuff. Currently running my own sites however my knowledge is not yet enough.

Expect from me in the days ahead. I have several questions in mind.

Hi Any chance you could show more" Latest Activity"
Anyway that the page for my groups could be sorted? eg by lasted activity or similar?
I notice that a lot of people just use the comments option, rather than starting a discussion when they have a question or topic. It does make it difficult to sort out the thread of a topic. I recently discovered when I set up a new group, that there is an option to disallow comments, which seems a good idea as people then post in discussion threads, but I'm not sure if this would delete existing comments, which wouldn't be desirable-does anyone know?
Any updates on this?

All Groups (191) Search Groups
Sort by:

but when i go to my groups there is no such function.
Hi there.  I'm like to do search for community and education gardening projects in the Auckland region.  The search functions seems to be geared up for searching for people rather than events/projects etc.  Can you help me find what I'm looking for?
hello Charlotte, hope I'm not stating the obvious but have you searched through Events by the event type tags?



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