A good place to start if you have a technical question, is www.ning.com/help

If you don't find an answer there, or your question relates to some aspect of the Ooooby community then ask it here, and wait a while and someone will get back to you.

If you think you have an answer to someone's question, please DO jump in and help them out.

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Hi Jennifer, did you find them yet?
If not, try contacting Pete Russell directly, I know he has some.
Hi Jennifer. We do have t-shirts for sale. Christy is overseas at the moment and can arrange one for you when she returns next week.

I have just set up an online shop here where you can buy a blue one. More types and sizes soon.

If you buy one you will be the first customer as I only set the shop up a matter of hours ago. Hopefully it will all go smoothly. ;-)

Click here for shop
Crystalyne, your profile page has been set so that only your friends can view it. If I google your name, the discussions that you have contributed to are shown and can be linked to but if I click on your profile picture, your page comes up as "set to private" with only your photo, gender and location displayed. Does this address your concerns?
Thank you Megan :-)
I stuffed up on profile as my comment did not come up in it, but as comment for me!! How do I correct it.
I have a wordpress blog. can i attach it to ooooby? if so, how?
Let me ask Pete about this. I'm not sure if its technically possible, but will find out.
How do I remove friends?
Simply click on their picture to go to their profile page, and remove friend is a link under their photo.
Hi Everyone, if you are in Auckland head along to: http://ooooby.ning.com/events/ooooby-online

We will do our best to give you hands on support in using the ooooby site!

Held in a computer lab with 20 computers, each person will have access to a computer and internet.

Hi... I just received half an emailed message from a Siaosi to the Auckland NZ group, dated on the 17-8-10. My question is... how do I read the rest of it when he isn't even on my friends list ?
There were no appropriate links on the email.
I dont know the answer to this. Maybe it would be best to take it up with Siaosi, via a comment on his page.


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