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Heres a question that im sure you can answer:

How do I know which seeds can be sown and grown for purpose of seed saving? I usually only sow seeds from organic, heirloom suppliers - I have no problems using the seed from these for the following year. Question: can I seed save using plants grown from commercial seed  - i.e. yates,  kings seeds etc? (In other words - are the commercial guys sellers of monsanto seed?).

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Yates are owned by Dulux, who are in turn owned by AkzoNobel, both paint & chemical companies. I avoid buying Yates products. Kings are a family company, and they do have heirloom and organic seeds in their range.  Hope this helps.

Hi Steph

Seeds can be saved from Heirloom Seed varieties. Many types of vegetables cross pollinate easily and need isolation to ensure the genes are pure. E.g. all cucumbers can cross pollinate over many miles and the flowers need bagging to ensure the genes are pure. If you are seriously interested in saving pure seeds, email me at broomstik@callsouth.net.nz and I can email you my heirloom seed catalog. I also have a 40 page A4 hard copy book, with detailed instructions on how to save seeds for common home veggies. Seed saving genetically pure seeds is a precise art, but not difficult, and very rewarding.

Hi Steph, yes I'm with Steve on this and personally stay away from Yates. With Kings Seeds, they have a range, some organic, heirloom and open-pollinated (or a combination) and others not. If you go to their website to check out their range, on the left is a menu where you can select just organic. Then when you click on a plant type, and it gives more detail, it will say whether it is heirloom, open pollinated, etc (along with simple facts on its growing habits). With saving seeds, you've said your going for organic and heirloom, that's great. You also need to look for open pollinated. This means the plants that grow from these seeds will be true to type (if not crossed), in contrast to hybrid seeds which are a cross (and which most commercial seeds now are) and these won't grow true. Some seeds are really easy and you don't have to worry about crossing; others you need to be more careful with what else is flowering at the same time. This is particularly important if you are trying to maintain an old variety true to type. Nothing wrong with just giving it a go - I've had some wonderful unexpected crosses in my early seed-saving days :) Have fun.

Thank you folks - oh wow! Im glad now that ive never used Yates seeds. Wow and thank you all for your advice. I usually buy seeds from Running Brook Seeds, Kings organic range, Koanga and Organix...i think I will stick with these guys and have a go at my own!!! Thank you all again, steph ;-)


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