Hi, I'm looking for inspiration and tips on how to start a permaculture food forest on my relatively bare 2200m2 town section.  Has anyone got any plant lists, designs or photos of their own plot they could share to give me an idea of where to start?  What kind of spacing do you give the plants?  How many layers have you got in your forest?  What kind of canopy/fruit trees, shrubs, N-fixers, etc. are you growing?  I'm based in Masterton, NZ.  

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What a wonderfully generous contribution Laine. I can see a beginners how-to forming here :-)

Wow!  That's exactly the kind of practical info. I was after.  Thanks heaps for sharing your insights!


Hi - check out my blog- http://debsbutterfield.com/starting-out-in-a-forest-garden-what-not...

A what not do when starting a forest garden!



Thank you so much for sharing that - and helping others of us, to realise the importance of completely removing the grass first, before planting with a cover crop that effectively ensures it is smothered out and sends a signal to the grass, that is no longer needed. 

This is a significant premise of Andy's Food Forest model - http://goo.gl/OkrQH 


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