Here's an opportunity to note the name of that awesome website or community group who could benefit from knowing about Ooooby. When we are ready to launch it fully into the world, we can come back here and follow up on these offerings.

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The Freeconomy
Helping each other not for profit, just for the love of it ...
I'd love there to be more members in Cambridge, and was considering advertising in the local papers. These are the email addresses: (The Cambridge Edition) and (Your Cambridge News). There are lot of beautiful front gardens on display - I'd bet there are plenty of fertile backyards too.
Hi there, I think would be a good one, as more and more towns across NZ are starting to work towards being fully sufficient : ). I think Ooooby would work nicely in line with this.
Oh yes, you have that right. I have and will continue to add more links to the Ooooby developments on - especially the trading tool (Growers Market) that will launch before too long.
Hi James,
Can I suggest perhaps putting this discussion up on the Destination Ooooby page? Would be good to have it all in the one place : )>.


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