Hello everyone

Just joined ooooby, what a wonderful web site! At the moment I'm working for a few weeks in Alexandra and then heading back up to Nelson to live for a while. I did have a supplier in Nelson but his cows are close to drying up now and don't really want to drive all the way to Moutere for milk. So wondering if anyone knows of any other farmers in either place?

I'm.also going to start with some milk kefir too, does anyone have any they could share with me either in Alex, nelson or anywhere in between(will need to drive back up in a few weeks).

Looking forward to exploring ooooby and learning more,



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Did someone get back to you on kefir grains in Alexandra?  I don't have any, but got a friend with plenty if you still on the hunt?

Hi Anna

No one yet so it would be great if I could have a little of your friends. Will it keep in the fridge a little while until I get some milk?

Thanks :)

Wangapeka at Grape Escape take orders for raw milk but last time I bought it, it was about $3 per litre. You can also buy goats milk through them too. Not sure if the milk vending machines in Stoke and/or Nelson are raw milk, I'd say not but you might enquire further about that but the one at the Glen I think might be raw milk (about $2 per litre there). Whereabouts in Nelson is your supplier and would he sell to me as my supplier is way over the other side of Havelock towards Blenheim? Cheers Liz

Hi Liz thanks for replying, whereabouts in Nelson are you? Please message me if you like. My suppliers cows have all dried off now and I'm not sure when he will be getting milk from them again, he only has a couple of house cows. I've sussed out all those sources by now, and have been buying from Wangapeka once every few weeks. It's £12.50 for 5 litres, which is their minimum amount. I've been trying to find someone to split this with once a week or once a fortnight... let me know if you are interested. I also tried the Glen milk, but it didnt taste as good for some reason. The vending machines aren't raw milk, but it's good that people are at least interested in fresh milk. Cheers Anna


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