we're thinking of setting up a a small organic dairy herd on the island. trying to get an idea of how many cows we'll need. let me know if you'd be interested in buying raw milk and or cream. how many litres per week. will also be thinking of running a few cheese making courses....!

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yep i'm interested. we probably go through about 5 litres a week. I don't really know anything about milk but vaguely remember there is a restriction on how much raw milk you can sell?
hi, thats great! yes, the restriction is 5 lts per person per day from the farm gate. i'll keep you posted on progress but doubt it'll be before next winter. cheers, liz
w are keen, household of 4. Keep us in the loop!
I'm interested. Where are you up to?
hi pete, well, we're in the very initial stages. checking out 2 different pieces of land for lease and thinking about all the set up requirements, but i hope it won't be in the too distant future. will keep you all posted..............great to get this interest!!

Pete Russell said:
I'm interested. Where are you up to?
Hi Liz,
I am intersted in getting raw milk... so please keep me posted. REgards, Eleanor p.s. would probably go for about 4ltrs a week.
hi, that's great. each person ( kids also being considered persons in this case!) is allowed to buy 5 litres a day, so no worries on 5 litres a week. cheers, liz

Cat Brown said:
Does anyone know where I can purchase raw milk in west Auckland?

Christy Ralphs said:
yep i'm interested. we probably go through about 5 litres a week. I don't really know anything about milk but vaguely remember there is a restriction on how much raw milk you can sell?
This would be good for you all to support also, if you are wanting raw milk:

FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) currently have the door open for comment regarding raw milk. There is a petition on the Slow Food website that would be great for all WAPF members to sign. Raw milk cheese has been categorised with raw milk production and processing. They are deliberately mixing it all up, but clearly the risks and controls are different. If all cheese is moved into Category 2, then FSANZ may consider raw milk as a separate case.

Please go to the following link and sign the petition:

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is seeking public comment on its recently released proposals (P1007) to change Australian Food Standards for cheese in Australia.

If you want the opportunity to enjoy a complete range of raw milk cheese in Australia PLEASE make a submission

In summary your submission must:

--be in writing and should be sent by email where possible

--include full contact details

--be submitted by 6pm (Canberra time) 24 February 2010

In order to encourage as many people as possible to make a submission before the deadline, you may copy and paste the talking points below. Be sure to add your contact details along with any of your own views or thoughts.

Email you submission to submissions@foodstandards.gov.au
SUBJECT LINE: Submission regarding Proposal P1007 - Primary Production & Processing Requirements For Raw Milk Products

If you wish to read the full FSANZ proposal, it's available at:


For full details on making a submission see:


The overarching scope of the Proposal is assessing the safety of raw milk products using the Category Framework. FSANZ has undertaken a Technical Assessment based on three Risk Assessments (Raw Cow Milk, Raw Goat Milk and Raw Milk Cheese), a Consumer Study and Nutrition Assessment.

--The Proposals exaggerate the risks of raw milk products. Raw milk has a superlative safety record compared to other foods, and even to pasteurized milk.

--The proposals do not address changes to Australian microbiological food Standards which are currently out of step with scientific studies and standards applied in overseas countries.

--The latest proposals will continue the current BAN on the production and sale of all Category 3 products from raw milk. This will include the sale of raw goats' milk currently allowed in some States and further tighten restrictions on raw drinking milk made from cow's milk. No evidence has been put forward as to a food safety justification of why this should be necessary.

--The proposals continue to prohibit farm-consumer sales which are a blatant denial of our rights as consumers.
We're very interested. Big family. Lotsa milk drunk here. I guess you are searching the other cow initiatives on Ooooby? Such as this cow sharing one.

I understand there are ways of owning the cow and avoiding being a buyer of raw milk - but rather a cow owner who engages others to look after it.
Dear all, i'm sorry to say the search for land has come up blank. the island is simply not suitable for dairy farming. the only land we could find would not support dairy cattle and the animals health would be compromised by the bad pasture. there is virtually no top soil left to support the grass needed for dairy animals. the good land is being used and those farmers are not interested in leasing it to us.

i'm sorry!



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