Please let us know what you would like to be able to access/buy at an Ooooby Store, when one opens near you. I will kick off the list in the fist comment, but it would be great if you could add your thoughts.

The Stores will focus on food: food gardens, food growing, food harvesting, food preserving, food storage, composting, irrigation, books, films, and more...

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Garden tools and more: How about Trowels, Forks, Spades, Scythes, Hoes, Seives and Trugs.

Yes, to the specialised tools!
A collection of recommended books on gardening, herbs, published gardening journals, i.e. ROOTS by Monty, Don

Lovely Baskets as these are often hard to find. I love working with strong woven baskets.
Soils- Certified Organic Seed Raising Mix, Potting Mix and Compost; Daltons does Certified Organic mixes

Rock Dusts- Lime/Dolomite Lime/Gypsum etc...

Manure- Sheep Pellets or better yet locally collected manures

Locally collected Wood Ash

Building or River Sand for people wanting to improve clay soils

Locally collected mulching materials- Grass/Seaweed/Newspaper/Cardboard/Leaves etc

Organic Fertilizers- Natures Garden

Organic pest sprays- Neem oil/granules, Garlic and Pyrethrum, etc
Yes to big wide baskets for bringing in dinner or for drying harvests!

It would be great to have the choice of buying seeds for plants that work as natural deterrents or companions rather than plastic bottles of sprays - ie pyrethrum, mustard, comfrey, tansy.

And the epitomal gardening bibles like Kay Baxter's Koanga Garden Guide, Kenny Ausubel's Seeds of Change etc. Oh and cook books that focus on eating what you grow :)
a couple of big items that i would love to be able access every so often is a trailer, and a powered mulcher/chipper (maybe that's not eco-friendly enough...). current rates for hiring one on the island are pretty pricey, definitely something that i would be willing to contribute time at the oooobly store in exchange for using. just a thought, i'm not sure if it's a good one as these things can get problematic when they have lots of different users...

and watching my kids at the store today, it would be great to have them in mind when you're designing layout etc. i know mum's in particular will frequent places that are 'children friendly'. plenty of little ones having fun on the rope 'swing' off the mulch pile today, and my five year old enjoyed driving a toy bulldozer around the mulch and gravel. even just a basket of wooden vehicles, and blocks would be good.

thanks for workshops so far, picked up some good tips!

These Macrcarpa raised beds could be worth looking into - check the prices. I imagine we could find someone to build a more ooooby version on the island..
I'd agree it would be great to have access to a trailer for hire, also mulchers, chain saws etc. We found lucerne hay very difficult to get hold of, but apparently it's great in the raised beds.

Kefir grains. Please.

I've passed this on - thanks for the note Linda.


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