I am recently arrived to Auckland and live now in the Te Atatu Peninsula area... last night I noticed what seemed to be a cat climb up a tree out front... it was quite dark.

After googling animals in New Zealand, I saw a picture of a possum and I am sure that is what it was.  It has a baby with it.

I know there animals are considered pests, and I understand why (google helped me with that).  I am unsure what to do... and I know myself and I would be unable to shoot it or otherwise kill it myself.

Any resources that help with this sort of issue?
Diane :)

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Some local body councils will rent you a Timms trap for a while. These are traps that will kill the critter in as humane a way as possible. They can also be bought at some rural/farming  supply shops. Don't delay - they can do HUGE amounts of damage in a very short time. Cheers, Linda


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