Please help, I've never grown tomatoes successfully since moving to New Zealand, they were doing so well now they wont turn red and are covered with these bugs.

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Hi Nicky,
I'm in Kinloch and for other reasons my tomatoes are not ripening on the vine, so as they go from really unripe green to a more yellowy colour, I take them off and ripen on a warm (but not sunny) window sill. They'll ripen beautifully and still taste really good. Maybe that way you can get around the ripening problem. Do the bugs eat or suck the tomatoes or attack the plant? Unless there were hundreds, I'd also take them off by hand and squish them (if they are causing a problem), but that is just me with an aversion to use of chemicals on the food I eat =).
Thanks, will try the window it could be our colder windswept climate. The Bug's seem to suck them I've tried washing them off and removing them to far away but they make they're way back, I have an aversion to squishing anything bigger than a mossy.
Hi Nicky, how are your tomatoes this year?  I had stink bugs (shield bugs) last yeat too, that was my first year gardening and I had no idea what they were either!  Yucky to squash but very rewarding :-)  I haven't had any this year so far.  Apparently nettle with wormwood is the answer according to Kay Baxter, but then I've had trouble finding wormwood.  I've been spraying the tomatoes with a nettle spray which is a tonic and helps prevent disease.  Anyway, hi, I've just joined ooooby and found the Taupo page, which I must say is rather quiet :-)
if they are kinda white and lumpy its def shield bug damage


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