So many things we can do every day, really. But did you, today:

1)  sign a petition for GMO labelling or any other against gmo
2)  try your local farmers market
3)  buy an organic item
4)  take care/start your own vegetable garden
5)  watch/share “The World According to Monsanto” movie
6)  convince one of your friends/relatives about GMO

7) starte to volunteer in community gardens
8) write a letter to your politician about your concerns
9) collecte organic seeds to sow and share with friends
10) volunteer at local school to help educate about eating healthy


Feel free to share here more ideas!

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Hi Catherine, I signed an anti monsanto type petition which was american based  and when I googled my name out of curiosity all my details came up, address etc. I was shocked! I will be on a suspected terrorist list next lol

Hi Kali,

I signed a few of them too, but I never tried to google myself, maybe I should:))

You are laughing about being on a terrorist list, but we are soooo tracked on internet, that you might be not so far from the truth. Have a look here:



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