Do you know who makes GMO?

Monsanto are a main creator of genetically-engineered crops, crops that have genetic material that Mother Nature would never have combined together because it is often from totally different life forms.

This is why this madness is known as "Frankenscience," and foods containing genetically-modified ingredients (GMO), such as modified maize or soya, is known as "Frankenfood." It is becoming far too common and the consumer was not given an option. We were not asked do we want GM ingredients in our food but we got them anyway. Big companies like Heinz, for example started using genetically-modified ingredients.


There are many problems with these GE crops. There are those that are "Roundup ready," meaning they contain a gene that makes the plants resistant to the Roundup ( glyphosate) herbicide. Unfortunately many weeds are becoming resistant to the weedkiller too and are known as "superweeds," so it has failed to combat them and greater quantities of the toxic substance are being used.

Despite Monsanto's assurances that it is safe for wildlife, many studies have shown it is anything but and it is one reason many amphibians are becoming endangered or extinct. It has been shown too that in America where pollen of genetically-modified crops has blown onto nearby Milkweed that Monarch butterfly caterpillars eating this die.


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