If you already have an aquaponic garden, tell us about it!

Mine is currently in my 12' x 20' greenhouse that is being entirely run by the "waste efforts" of about 120 voracious tilapia.  You can see videos of my setup at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GROTb9ezpQk.  It is a flood and drain system run off timers with 2 150 gallon tanks and a 300 gallon rubbermaid.  Been growing cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, beans, etc. all winter long.

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Hi, Sylvia,

I am new to the forum and i came on board b/o my desire to start aquaponics. Are you really based here in NZ ?  I was under the impression of Tilapia being forbidden to be raised here in NZ ?!? Did i get the wrong information? 

I am based here in Rotorua, NZ and certainly would love to start aquaponics.  However, I am not very interested in having hundreds of goldfish in my tanks.  Instead, I am a keen cook and certainly would love some yummy freshwater fish on my BBQ over the next few years.

May I please have a brainstorm with this forum; especially in view of the NZ governments position paper on aquaculture (Aquaculture report) from July 2012?!?


Stephan Neff


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