Tips and advice on where to find resources and how to set up your first aquaponics system.  It's not that hard once you follow a few simple rules...

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yes i would like to know more and perhaps give it a go
HI Raisin,

Great! I posted a comment on the wall about trying to promote some ways to learn more that I know about on a regular basis, and then be here daily to answer questions. If you have other ideas how we can learn together Please let me know. This is such an awesome technology and it's all about just spreading the word right now.
Well we liked hydroponics when we did it 20+ years ago and now we have little soil gardens around the place - personally I favour the square foot style - I'd like to try this acqua-thang too! Where do you get the fish from ;)
Hey Brian,

Think of this as Hydroponics without the chemical nutes and the EC meter. Once your system is cycled - i.e. you have a good base of nitrifying bacteria - all you monitor is your pH, water temp, and the hunger of your fish. MUCH easier than hydroponics.

Most people get their fish from nearby aquaculture operations. Ask around...there are probably a few near you.
So I"m going to continue to post tips and resources in here for those who want to learn more about aquaponics. This time I'll highlight my own resources...

First, I run a ning community site called Aquaponic Gardening. We are about 140 members strong (tiny by Ooooby standards) and are all about aquaponics. Great, fascinating group including many people who are widely known through the world for their aquaponics work mixed in with many newbies. I'd love to see you all join!

The second resource is my Aquaponic Gardening blog. I write once or twice a week about the aquaponic life. I'm told it's not bad ;-)

The last is my YouTube channel at, you guessed it, I"m just getting started there so "stay tuned", but here is a video of your's truly giving a tour of my greenhouse. Enjoy.
Kate and I have bought the Aquaponics made easy DVD and it was a good overall look into the system and was certainly enough to get us keen to try it.
All that remains now is the see to some more pressing investments then I think we will convert some of our unused deck.
Hi Olly,

I have that video as well and know a bit about Murray and his systems - they seem excellent and very well designed, and he is a dedicated aquaponic gardener. I would highly recommend using one of his systems if you are able to get one where you are located. Best of luck to you
beginner question... will gold fish work in an aquaponic system? I have a few that I had in a pond/fountain thing and want to bring them in and try my hand with aquaponics this winter (North America).
It will be indoors and in my basement under lights. Seems a good way to keep myself in greens if I am careful about keeping myself disaplined in caring for it.
Hi Margaret! Great to be chatting with a fellow Coloradan. Goldfish work great. The trick is to get the nutrient concentration up to where you can grow plants well. How big will your tank be? In our AquaBundance system we offer a 60 gallon tank for 7.5 sq ft of growing service. In there I would put about 20 - 30 goldfish.

You should consider coming to the Murray Hallam workshop at the Denver Botanic Garden in Sepetember - here is some info in case you don't already know about it
Hi are you still here?
Hi Ricardo.  I'm not very active in here, but I am quite active in my aquaponics forum so you might want to chat with me there instead.


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