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Started by Fionna Hill Nov 16, 2010.

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Comment by Lynn on November 29, 2009 at 10:28pm
Here are some additional uses for those flowers you mentioned earlier, Isabell... Calendula - petals in pasta and rice dishes and herb butter. Borage - Wonderful in punches, lemonade, gin and tonics, sorbets, chilled soups, cheese tortas, and dips. Basil - also great sprinkled over pasta dishes. Day Lilies - To use the surprisingly sweet petals in desserts, cut them away from the bitter white base of the flower. Also great to stuff like squash blossoms. Flowers look beautiful on composed salad platters or crowning a frosted cake. Sprinkle the large petals in a spring salad. In the spring, gather shoots two or three inches tall and use as a substitute for asparagus. NOTE: Many Lilies contain alkaloids and are NOT edible. Day Lilies may act as a diuretic or laxative; eat in moderation.

In addition...Dianthus - petals ..cut them away from the bitter white base of the flower. Dianthus are the miniature member of the carnation family with light clove-like or nutmeg scent. (one of secret ingredients that has been used to make Chartreuse, a French liqueur, since the 17th century). can be steeped in wine, candy, or use as cake decoration.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) - Flowers have a subtler sage taste than the leaves and can be used in salads and as a garnish. Flowers are a delicious companion to many foods including beans, corn dishes, sauteed or stuffed mushrooms, or pesto sauce.
Comment by Isabell Strange on November 29, 2009 at 10:08pm
Great advice thanks Lynn
Comment by Lynn on November 29, 2009 at 7:57pm
Great idea for a group, Isabell! I have long used flowers in my salads and cooking, and have just as long had people looking at me curiously and with suspicion! lol Some, I am sure, even think I am mad! Still...I continue lol. Very importantly, though, are some tips for everyone before they start launching into floral additions to their fare...

IMPORTANT - Some dos and don'ts!

Following are some simple guidelines to keep in mind before you eat any type of flower:


Eat flowers only when you are positive they are edible. If uncertain, consult a good reference book on edible flowers prior to consumption.

If pesticides are necessary, use only those products labeled for use on edible crops. No flowers is safe to eat unless it was grown organically

Wash all flowers thoroughly before you eat them.

Introduce flowers into your diet in small quantities one species at a time. Too much of a good thing may cause problems for your digestive system.

Remove pistils and stamens from flowers before eating. Separate the flower petals from the rest of the flower just prior to use to keep wilting to a minimum. Eat only the flower petals for most flowers except pansies violas, and Johnny-jump-ups (in which they add flavor).

If you have allergies, introduce edible flowers gradually, as they may aggravate some allergies.


Do not eat flowers from florists, nurseries or garden centers. In many cases these flowers have been treated with pesticides not labeled for food crops.

Do not eat flowers picked from the side of the road. Once again, possible herbicide use eliminates these flowers as a possibility for use.

Just because flowers are served with food served at a restaurant does not mean they are edible. Know you edible flowers - as some chefs do not.

It's easy and very attractive to use flowers for garnish on plates or for decoration, but avoid using non-edible flowers this way. Many people believe that anything on the plate can be eaten. They may not know if the flower is edible or not and may be afraid to ask.
Comment by Isabell Strange on November 25, 2009 at 9:22am
Edible flowers I know of: Violets - candied, syrup; Borage- salad ,sauce, drinks garnish; Rocket- soup garnish; Basil- soup, stews, salad; Nasturtium- peppery flavour, salads, yum with cheese and /or asparagus, natural antibiotic; Daylilly- young leaves- salads, buds- salads, boiled, pickled, stir-frys, flowers- desserts, soups, stirfrys; Roses- petals- baking, jams, jellys, syrup, water, rosehip- syrup; Citrus- water, custard, drinks garnish, baking, diced with fish, dessert garnish; Calendula- petals- scrambled eggs, soups, salad, sandwiches; Chives-salads, savoury tarts;

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