What do you do to manage temperature in your greenhouse?

My greenhouse was almost too hot to grow in at the height of summer - even with all the doors and windows open it was heading towards 40 deg. However, now it's winter I have the opposite problem.

This is the temperature yesterday morning - 2 and a bit degrees! And I'm in sunny Auckland. I have tomatoes in there and they are (amazingly) starting to flower. Not sure they will survive if the temp swings between 2 and 20 (which it gets to on a good sunny day) though. The bell pepper plant I rescued from the chilly garden seems to like things, it's fruiting. And the chilis are doing OK, but all they have to do is survive.

- I've tried burning candles under terracotta pots, which probably lifts things by a degree or so at most, and is very localised in effect.

- I've also put fruit juice bottles full of water around the planter boxes, for thermal mass. Not sure if that's making a difference, to be honest. 

- I'm looking for lots of cheap bubblewrap so I can insulate the roof. 

- And I am thinking about rigging up some sort of solar thermal system (once I finish building my chicken coop, and if I can find cheap bits to do it with). Not absolutely sure what I'm doing with this though, but hey, how hard can it be? :)

Any other ideas for very cost-effective greenhouse heating?

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After all the inquiries I've made, Ive come to the conclusion the only cost effective way is to share the greenhouse somehow with your home heating or stock (animals).
Or you have a earth mass wall system like i have,stays cooler in summer and never freezes in winter even at -9 outside,look at my photos Sean


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