• That looked far too easy. took me an hour to get mine to that stage. Had our 1st stew for dinner- can safely say we'll be eating it again. Are hares tougher than rabbit(and different tasting??) wasnt near  as chickenny as I've been led to believe. And are there signs that a rabbit/hare has been poisoned by 1080? There has been an aerial drop a couple of valleys over
    • Yea, I would say that Hares can be slightly tougher and have perhaps a more comparible flavour to duck. I sometimes like to after boiling my hares pull apart into thin pieces and deepfry (tastes and looks similar to crispy fried duck). 

      I mostly just boil the rabbits and hares a few at a time in a big pot until the meat is so tender it falls off the bone (2-3 hours). The rabbit tastes quite chicken like after that.


      I usually when im gutting I take a look at the liver and kidneys for anything unusual to tell if the animal is healthy. 


      DOC would probably be able to advise of 1080 risks. 

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