I enjoyed Linda Woodrow's Book and am interested in reading some other authors what have you enjoyed and found useful?

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Hi Lisa. If you liked Linda Woodrow, you'll love Jackie French (another Aussie). She has a similar style --very approachable, funny and full of common sense. Her emphasis is on organic gardening rather than permaculture design but her book "The Wilderness Garden" is based on permaculture principles and is the best book on the subject that I've ever read. She lives in southern NSW, where they have cold winters and hot summers, so the content's relevant to Kiwi readers. She's a prolific writer and all her stuff is great. Another excellent book is Rosemary Morrow's "Earth User's Guide To Permaculture". This is basically a permaculture design course, complete with assignments at the end of each chapter. Finally, you can't go past Bill Mollison's "Introduction to Permaculture". It's a lot more accessible than his "Permaculture: A Designer's Manual". Hope this helps:)

Hiya Lisa, I really enjoyed Kay Baxters book about Organic gardening. is basically the organic version of the yates book but way more useful info. I got my copy from IQ books (on the net). The book that started my family on our no-dig/ mulching journey was Ruth Stout's no-dig gardening. Out of print now but beautiful book if you ever come across it. Linda's book is awesome. I just replaced my copy - loaned to a friend & it never came home...



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