If anyone would like to share a regular weekly delivery of raw milk, please pm me, three litres available, Saturday collection.

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hello Rani, welcome to ooooby:)
have sent you a friend request so that I can pm the contact details to you, it's delivered to Frankton every Friday afternoon in 10 Litre buckets. You can take less but the courier cost is still the same.
any questions, you are welcome to call me. I also have milk kefir grains to trade every couple of weeks:)

Hi Anna, another Anna here! I know this is an old post but just wondering if you found a supplier in Alexandra as I am living here for the next wee while and would like to buy some weekly.

Hi Anna, our milk supply just finished for the season!  We're scoping it out to find another supplier though... meantime you can buy retro organic milk at Thrive right next  to the library :)

If we do find another supplier i will message you

Aw thanks Anna that's really kind of you. Thanks for the tip to go to Thrive, will pop in there in the next few days :)

Hey, I'm heading away for the week, but will get Maria (friend) to leave some in the fridge at work for you. Work is REAP in Alexandra Community House. If you ask at reception, and say theres a jar in the fridge for you (we'll put your name on it!), you'll get it! Hope this works out for you!
Happy kefir-ing, and if you are in town and want to meet up after next week for a chat - call in to work - I'm usually not far away!

Perfect! Is is open 9-5 or when's the best time to pop in? 

Yes, 9 -5.  Ive got Laura putting some in the fridge for you, but she's not in until Friday - hope this works for you :)

No worries, I'll come in then, will pm you my number if that's okay

Hi Anna

Please say thank you to Laura for me, I picked up the kefir grains today and they're happy in the fridge, really looking forward to getting started on my first batch :)

P.s. has she been using them with pasteurized or raw milk? Apparently I need to transition it to raw slowly? Sorry for all the questions!

One of the members of our milk group is on holiday so we will have three litres available 27 December & 3 Jan 2014. Please PM me you're interested to take this.

Two litres per week available this season, pm me for details. collection on Saturday mornings


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