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How can we maintain a raw diet when we're on the road? It's fine to run an all raw cuisine at home, plucking greens from the garden for a daily dose of green smoothie, soaking 'n sprouting seeds all over our kitchen window sills- but what happens when you have to travel?  Does all this fall by the wayside, and we resort the the 'raw' fish options at the nearby Sushi Bar?  Buying organic salads and preparing them in the hotel room is one option, however I'm keen on community and meeting other like minded folk, sharing ideas, and I thought this could be a good opportunity to inspire a Shout Out for the good food  'hot spots' out there.  Maybe a cafe that has an awesome raw salad bar, or an organic juice bar, places we can drop in to and pick up a booster of nutritious, organic, raw goodness.  

I put this out to you

What is your local 'Raw' dining hot spot? What town?

Go on, give them a plug! 

Oh, and I'm in Sydney next week- any ideas across the Tasman? Paddington area, green smoothie bar perhaps?

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  • Hi Sophia, you may want to have a look / contact - the main Sydney Raw Food Community. As for my personal response to "How to travel while maintaining a raw food diet" I have to say that any part of the world has places where I can buy or find fruits. When you simplify your raw food diet and you get away from the needs of eating refined foods and prepared dishes / recipes, life becomes much simpler, and your ideas clearer as well by the way, which is always welcome when travelling and dealing with new people and situations...
    • thanks for this, great advise and I'll look into the Sydney lead.
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