We bought a 7 Acer block 11 months ago! so coming up to a year we have a Orchard that is constantly under attack by 30 sheep. 16 pigs, 63 chickens, 11 ducks, 2 horses and 6 cattle and 2 Geese. Hardly any fencing and no vege garden as I have no where to keep the marauding sheep! Did all the planning and although I work hard when my health is good I have severely underestimated the work load.

Don’t get me wrong I love it but buy the time I get through what has to be done immediately there not much time left.

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Hey Kate

Thanks.  I don't know about amazing but we want to be functional/practical.  I have a slow cooker but usually too interested about getting outside that I don't think to put a meal into it first :-(   We tend to do easy meals like curry, casserole or stir fry.  

We made little huts for our ducks and chickens so that they could get out of rain wind and sun... they are 1.8m long by 60cm high by 60cm deep.  They have one open side and corro iron on the rest.  They are not too heavy for one person to shift around so we can move them depending on the weather.  They like them because they can sit and still look out at whats going on around them.  We use an old double dog run for the laying area and they love going down into the dog house to lay.  

We made them out of deer battens that we got for $2 a batten so it was cheep to build.  


If I get time I will post a pic.

thanks louise

i am so jealous that you have your fencing done. the only fence i have on our place is the moveable electric netting to keep possums out of the orchard. we are working on the house so all money goes there for now. my chooks have old netting from a grape grower who was updating his nets. i have had to patch lots of holes but at least the ducks and chooks dont mind. hubby thinks it is an eyesore. i agree but the soil they are making for us is worth the effort, as well as all the amazing eggs. lucky for me the neighbours are buying my eggs so it covers feed for chooks and lovely eggs for quick meals especially when mum forgets to prepare dinner. i do have little shelters for them, but f they hide inside they dont peck and scratch all day. the shade cloth which i fished out of a friends rubbish is a godsend. 



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