Trades/Swaps/Wanted kefir grains, raw milk, sourdough starters etc.....

If anybody has surplus kefir grains, sourdough starters, raw milk etc it would be good to put it up on this discussion page. Then it is all in the one place and easy to find for future reference and newbies looking : ) Cheers!!

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Would like some julie. Will send you a pm. Joe

mine  never multiply, they dwindle if anything!!! maybe i need some fresh ones when you have some spare pm me

Hi Julie, do you still have water kefir available? I'm in christchurch and I can send you money for postage or post you a prepaid courier bag. Thanks!

looking for water kefir grains if anyone has some to spare

I am in Tauranga and would love to source some water kefir grains please


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