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Growing legumes 8 Replies

Started by Stefanie O'Brien. Last reply by Donna Mac Rae Mar 9, 2014.

Cedar Centre Community Garden Beach Haven

Started by Wende Jowsey Dec 10, 2013.

Herbs and Wonders - Naturopathy consultations

Started by Maria Aug 27, 2012.

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Comment by Hathi on June 12, 2012 at 2:41pm

Hi Adrian, I believe Falloons in Dairy Flat do untreated pine shavings (along with everything else you could want for feeding animals).

Comment by Adrian Feasey on June 12, 2012 at 2:26pm

Hi everyone, does anyone know of a local supply of untreated pine shavings?

Comment by Diane SQ on May 21, 2012 at 12:07pm

Check the free Biodynamic presentations in Ellerslie this coming Saturday, 26 May.  Introduction to Biodynamics in the morning, Advanced Biodynamics in the afternoon. All details on the events page. tell your friends

Comment by Di Celliers on May 1, 2012 at 9:34pm

Hi Everyone I am holding a seed and plant swap this Sunday afternoon in Browns Bay. There will also be large bags of mulch for sale. let me know if you are keen?

Comment by RaVeN on April 4, 2012 at 10:34am

Hi Oooby members,

I don't know if its due to ning being a hardsite for new folk to join or even that its just to hard to log in. But I beleive we have a huge group of like minded folk on facebook. Its alot easier to share info post photos and video of our garden creations or generate action when its needed.

So I have started a facebook group named My Sustainable World for those passionate about sustainability please join us (yes it once was a ning site).

My Sustainable World- Social TV


This group also has set its members a challenge to grow food or forage in their own backyards and show us what you are eating sowing or harvesting. It can be just one meal grown sustainably or do our 30 day challenge sharing your daily experiences and victories. We have also presenters researching ideas for us all and interviewing local sustainability experts. So with your help we can grow our communities sustainably.  Don't forget to get snapping photos and get posting.

Live well.


Comment by Hathi on February 27, 2012 at 3:29pm

I sent a submission, I just didn't discuss it here!  Your post wasn't in vein Fiona.

Comment by fiona watt on February 27, 2012 at 3:25pm

Wow. Not even a murmur of discussion.  I quit!

Comment by fiona watt on February 24, 2012 at 12:11am

HI guys.  Just a heads up and sorry for it's lateness, I only found out today.

There is another bill soon to be passed - The Natural Health Products Bill- the last day for submissions is tomorrow 24th Feb.  If you dislike this bill then  PLEASE SEND A SUBMISSION IN AGAINST IT ASAP..  Read below for more info on it.

Share widely – urgent – make this go viral please

Make an all-rights-reserved “Submission” on the Natural Health Products Bill, the Food Bill’s essential Codex Alimentarius counterpart, to attack the Food Bill and Codex Alimentarius by proxy and to oppose the NHP Bill itself (it sucks completely anyway, as you will discover).

The closing date for submissions is 24 February 2012.

This page shows you how to do this, why, and provides a suggested template at bottom for the text of your “submission” / notification, which you can post online to the Select Committee. The process takes no more than a few minutes. The Government has refused to reopen submissions on the Food Bill. Use this process to have your say about the Food Bill, the NHP Bill and above all, about Codex Alimentarius – and to give notice that you retain all your rights at the same time.

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Kill the Natural Health Products Bill, kill the Food Bill.

The Food Bill is one leg of New Zealand’s compliance with Codex Alimentarius, the “Food Book” set of international food regulations being forced upon all World Trade Organisation states. The Natural Health Products Bill is the other leg.

Both legs will kick New Zealanders in the guts by benefiting international trade and multinational agribusiness / pharmaceutical corporations at the expense of our own food and health rights. That is what Codex Alimentarius is all about.

However, if the Natural Health Products Bill can be killed using the Select Committee process, combined with public outrage, then the Food Bill could be repealed without loss to the country in trade terms.

This is because killing the NHP Bill would void New Zealand’s Codex Alimentarius compliance. Codex compliance is NOT in your interests, be sure of that. And with NZ’s Codex compliance voided, there is no reason for the Food Bill to exist at all.

The idea is to cut off one leg and the body will fall over, taking the other leg with it. Will it work? There is only one way to find out.

You’ll want to oppose the Natural Health Products Bill in any case. It is outrageous – and, luckily, very easy to read. Let’s try to bring it down.

What’s wrong with the NHP Bill itself?

It makes it illegal without a licence to prepare, share or administer anything (that isn’t presented as “food”) that’s made from plants, vitamins, minerals or anything else natural and may have any of the following material health benefits:-

The maintenance or promotion of health or wellness; nutritional support; vitamin or mineral supplementation; affecting or maintaining the structure or function of the body; effective treatment of any self-diagnosed or self-managed condition.

Now, go back and read that again!

You’ll be liable for a $50,000 fine for doing any of the above, even for yourself. No more home-grown camomile tea to make you sleep better. No more practising of traditional Maori medicine without a government ticket, which can be denied or revoked. No more home-made manuka oil to put on your cuts. No more using your granny’s remedies from the herb garden. None of this without permission, fees and rules, or you face massive fines and possibly jail. Sound familiar?

Now, you may not actually do these things. But you may wish to retain the right to do so. You may also wish to use any of these products or services in future. But under the NHP Bill they will be more expensive and much harder to find, because most practitioners / producers will be regulated and compliance-costed out of existence.

Don’t take our word for all this. Read the bill. It’s very easy to read, unlike the Food Bill, and easy to see the intent. It is the same intent as the Food Bill. The government wishes to own what goes into you (and thus own you). They say it is all for your safety, of course. Do you still believe that?

Take note: The Natural Health Products Bill was, like the Food Bill, passed at a first reading UNAMINOUSLY. EVERY MP voted for it. And the bill itself was a proud product of cooperation between the Green Party and National.

Are you getting wise to the Green Party yet? And are you getting wise to Parliament itself?

The NHP bill is here:

In reading the NHP Bill, pay close attention to sections 5 (definitions), 6 (what is a natural health product), 20 and 21 (powers of the new health police) 28, 29 and 30 (requirements for licensing) 37 and 38 (penalties), 45 (delegation of powers to corporations), 47 (regulations applying to licensed practitioners – these will be CODEX regulations) and LAST BUT VERY IMPORTANT the Schedule of “Suitable classes of substances”… this is basically everything you ingest that is not food (which is already covered by the Food Bill) – so plants, extracts thereof, minerals, vitamins, amino acids etc that are taken to promote wellbeing. The stuff that, along with food itself, is essential for your life.

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Making a “submission” on the Natural Health Products Bill.

We don’t recommend that you “submit” your say, in a sense of law, on this Bill. “Submitting” means “bowing down” and giving up all the rights you presumably wish to retain. You need to reserve all your rights. This can all be made clear in the “submission” process.

Numbers are important here. We need to flood the Select Committee with responses voicing disapproval of the Natural Health Products Bill and Codex Alimentarius, and by extension the Food Bill. This might just kill the Food Bill by proxy, by killing its Codex counterpart and stopping Codex from being implemented.

So please SHARE this info widely, and fast. The deadline is Friday, 24 February 2012. Please especially get this into health food groups etc on Facebook and beyond.

What to write

If you’re outraged, express it. At the bottom of what you write, write All Rights Reserved.

We’d suggest that the main thing to get across is opposition to Codex Alimentarius being imposed upon New Zealanders through the Natural Health Products Bill and the Food Bill. Codex does not serve people, it serves corporations.

Keep a copy of what you write. But please do write something. This needs many people to make it work. New Zealand is sleepwalking towards a corporate police state.

If you wish, you can also choose to talk / shout about your concerns at an actual Select Committee hearing. We think this would be a very good idea.

Finally if you really want to make the Select Committee sit up, send the suggested text below or some variation thereof and put its members on their Oaths of Office. If they screw up, they are out of Office, or worse.

Make your “submission” on the Natural Health Products Bill here, by scrolling to the bottom of the page:

[Note: If the link is changed (not unlikely) then you should still be able to navigate to the NHP Bill submissions page by following this path: Home ( > Parliamentary business > Select committees > Make a submission. The “Make a submission” page is currently at Get to the NHP Bill submission page itself by choosing Health Committee from the drop-down list of Select Committees, then hit go. Scroll to the bottom of the page that comes up to enter the captcha code and make the “submission”.]

Suggested text:


To the Select Committee for the Natural Health Products Bill

1 TAKE NOTICE that those Members of Parliament on the Select Committee have sworn to serve the Queen according to Law, and the Natural Health Products Bill appears to be unlawful serving as it does foreign interests and not the interests of the country of New Zealand, this because it has been introduced into New Zealand together with the Food Bill as part of this country’s compliance with CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, a World Trade Organisation directive that supports international trade agreements at the expense of the natural God-given rights of the people of this land to feed themselves and treat their own ailments themselves in any way they best see fit. 

The info came from the website and there is plenty more info there.

Comment by Dee Pigneguy on February 15, 2012 at 9:29am

This Saturday 18th Feb from 10 am to 2 pm Kaipatiki Project on Lauderdale road has an open day.  We have 10 vegetable garden beds in action.  Come along and see how easy it is to grow vegetables.


Comment by Nicholas Mayne on February 15, 2012 at 9:09am

Massey University's Albany Campus has a Community Garden 


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