How to Get Started

Getting Started
In a small nutshell (e.g. a peanut shell):
1. Make yourself a profile page.
2. Join or start a local group (crucial!) to be in the loop and make some Ooooby friends.
3. Discuss, learn and share food-growing bits and bobs with people locally and globally. Let people know what you’ve got spare for swapping. Take up an offer to collect someone else’s excess backyard bounty. Ask for help with how to get started or a particularly difficult plant. Share some seeds. Watch an educational video. Chill. Hang. Grow. Eat.
4. Bask in being an Ooooby legend.

Read on for a bigger nutshell (e.g. a particularly generous walnut)….

I’m new here, how does it work?
Welcome! The way the site operates will be familiar if you’ve used F*cebook or any of the other popular social networking sites. You have a profile page; you make friends; you join groups with likeminded people; you use the convenience of the online experience to enrich your offline life.

Okay, what should I do first?
Firstly you should create your own page. Let your community (and the whole world!) know who you are and what your experiences and aspirations are in the realm of food growing! Your profile page is where others can learn about you and how they can contact you.
Here’s an example of a profile page. (Gabriella’s page)
Click here to sign up or on the link in the top right.
When you sign up you’ll be asked to submit some info on you food-growing abilities, experiences and interests. Feel free to keep your cucumbers close to your chest but the more info you give out the more other people will understand what you’re into and be able to help you. You can join up as a family, couple or an individual.
Be aware that your personal profile page is viewable by everyone on the web so please make sure you only put up information/images that you are happy to for anyone to see.

So I’ve made my profile page. What next?
You should now be able to find your personal profile page by clicking on the “My Page” link in the navigation at the top of the screen.
Sweet. So next, it’d be nice to see who you are and what your garden looks like. You don’t have to if you’re shy but it helps to bring your page alive for others. And it might just get us salivating at your Ooooby-bounty too. Go on – make us jealous. Or even just pity you!
All you have to do is scroll down to the Photos part of your personal page and click “Add photos”. Follow the directions from there and if you have problems feel free to leave a message here on the Getting help with using this site board.
And have a play with the Blogs feature. You can read groovy stories from other members and you can write up your own fabulous yarns.

Cool, I’ve hatched on the Ooooby farm and shown my face but I feel lonely. Can I find other Ooooby members in my area?
Absolutely! This is the guts of the Ooooby vision. Community members forging links and helping to feed themselves and each other.
Just click on the Groups tab at the top of the page.
From there you should be able to find a local group if one exists.
If there isn’t a local group for your area then you could be the one to create it. What an awesome thing to do for yourself and your community! It’s really easy – a two minute job. Just click “Add group” in the top right and go from there.
And don’t panic that setting up the group means you’ll have loads of work to do. You’re just enabling new members in your area to find each other. Once the group is created you’re all done, if that’s as involved as you want to be.

How can I contact another Ooooby member?
There are two main ways of contacting another Ooooby member.
1. Leave a message on their Comment Wall. Go to their profile page, scroll down to their wall, type your message and hit “Add Comment”. This sort of message is there for the whole world to see. If someone leaves a comment on your wall then you can hit “Comment back” and you will then leave a message on their Comment Wall.
2. Send them a private personal message (only available if they’re one of your friends). This is do-able using the link on the left hand side of their page. If you’ve been sent a private message then you’ll be able to find it by looking in your Inbox which you can find on the top right whenever you’re logged in.

Also, if you are communicating through any kind of forum then you can communicate there (just like any old message board) as a third way.

Is there anything more to find on the Ooooby site?
Yes, heaps! Above are just the basics for getting hooked up. Flick around the site for recipes, videos, events….. If you have any further questions about how it works then leave a message at the Getting help with using this site board.

How will I know when new stuff is on the site?
Depending on the groups you are in you’ll get notifications at the email address you supplied when there are new posts, comments, messages etc. You can amend the emails you receive by clicking on Settings.

I’m hungry.
Me too but we’re in the right place to do something about that.

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