Why should I join Ooooby?

Envision, if you will, a time in the near future, living a new style of life.

A lifestyle where you know your neighbours a bit better, where you spend more time socialising with friends in backyards; and where fresh, local, homegrown food is a good portion of every meal.

We deserve wholesome, honest, fresh, nutrient dense, locally grown food.

We are what we eat. Our very thoughts, feelings and experience of reality are deeply affected by the stuff we put into our mouths.

By joining Ooooby you become a part of a sensible, grounded movement of wonderful wise people who know that the time has come to reconnect with the earth and with each other, unified by the one thing that we all love and need... food.

Here at Ooooby you can;
  • meet and chat with food growers.
  • trade and barter local food with other members.
  • get really inspired by what others are doing in their farms and gardens.

  • Ooooby isn't for everyone. It is for people who understand the importance of local community and the benefits of growing and eating local food.

    Ooooby is a group of people who are weaving new social networks and pioneering new exciting food initiatives.

    How long have you been living in your street and how many members of your local community do you really know?

    We all know it's not comfortable to just start up a conversation with random neighbours.

    Well here is a tip for you. Food gardeners are a really great bunch of people and worth getting to know.

    Here at ooooby is where a lot of these great people hang out when they're online. Most of the time they're out in their gardens or enjoying time with their favourite neighbours.

    The conversations on ooooby are mainly about healthy lifestyle, homely values and a positive sustainable future.

    You can see what people are growing and talk to anyone about food growing tips and tricks, recipes, bartering and more.

    Ooooby is a safe and fun way to start building your social circles in your local area with good people.

    So click on the Sign up link in the top right hand corner of this website. It won't take long and you won't regret it.


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Comment by SELWYN EAGLE on September 26, 2015 at 12:24pm

Hello I am a Facilitator for 'The Just Dirt Trust',we are the creators of Easy Gardening,it is what we do either helping create Community Gardens,or helping folk in their own homes,with all manner of tasks.

I think we can fit in here somewhere,so long as there is some fun involved.

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