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Could You Be a Micro-Farmer?

Image: The Modern Gardener


Do you have a decent bit of backyard?  An area the size pictured above could yield a decent harvest if it is done right.




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Good earthquake news...Christy

Our former 'Ooooby girl' Christy Martin and her partner Giulio are safe in Lyttleton/Christchurch.


Their Lyttleton house survived but Giulio's restaurant is wrecked.


Christy's  on Facebook.




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Does anyone have any ideas for preserving the small potatoes from your garden ... either freezing or canning


Richard Parker

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Nominate trees for protection by March 31 this year!

Dear Ooooby members

For many years, Council rules in the District Plan have prevented landowners from cutting down trees over a certain girth and height, especially native trees, without a resource consent. From the beginning of 2012, all of that changes and trees are no longer automatically protected.

In 2009, the Government legislated to revoke all existing tree protection regimes put in place by…


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Gardening for the 28th generation

A while back I came across this piece at NextWorldTV and it started me thinking, not about how we need to act to make our own lives possible and fruitful, but how our decisions can affect our descendants a very long way down the time line. Permaculture 300 Year Old Food Forest in Vietnam

This is what I think of as a paradise on earth -- a 300 year old food forest in…


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Free Store - redistributing surplus food

Project Freestore 398 Great North rd is set up to redistribute surplus food items and produce free of charge and will operate for a month - until Friday 11 March.

Supply can't keep up with demand - there are a lot of struggling families out there. So any surplus vegetables or fruit would be really welcomed and can be dropped at Project Freestore  preferably between 9am- 3pm or collection could be arranged (if large amounts) ph Lou Lennane - 021 245…


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How Big should Your Garden Be?


Thank you James for sharing this with us.

The page below looks like good information.

Does anyone else have anything to say about this book?



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Recipes for this week's Ooooby Box

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Permaculture Principle Song

Check out the vid here.
Groovy tunes for all you permi's out there.
Thanks to @backyardfoods

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Asking Councils to work with local gardeners

Last time I drove past one of Adelaide's lovely parklands I noticed the council workers trimming the trees and chipping them into a truck

That got me thinking - so I contacted our local mayor and asked if he would consider arranging for a schedule so that local gardeners can request the council workers and their equipment visit

With the option to have your own…


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Austrian Oilseed Pumpkins - harvest time

These have been a fair success this year, last year we couldn't get them to germinate but this year we had a couple of healthy plants that produced 11 usable pumpkins and a couple of duds.

The duds picked up some kind of rot that rapidly took over the fruit and the results were not worth harvesting, flat, anemic seeds and collapsing…


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Hi Pete

We have the same compost bin as yours and it's fantastic. We don't have any lawn so we never put in grass clippings, but most of our kitchen waste goes in, especially small paper items like serviettes, tissues and toilet rolls. Also all the usual stuff like citrus from the trees and leaves collected from around the property. But the most beneficial thing are the worms. We also have a thriving worm farm and my husband transferred some of the population explosion into the…


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Plot one - Spuds and the like.

Plot one - Spuds and the like.



Autumn dressing of animal manure. Dig in well during any winter times that the soil is not too wet.

Plant potatoes in trenches with a wilted leaf of comfrey under each.

Tire-towers are well worth trying. Add layers as your potatoe plant out grows the soil level.

Plant your corn amongst your late potatoes.

Plant tomatoes in the same plot but away from potatoes. They like the same soil preparation but not each…


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i'd like to learn by helping

Attended Lisa's session at GL Comm Centre and thoroughly enjoyed.  Would love to learn by doing, so if you need an extra hand preparing the fruit or veges, would love to help out on a Saturday or Sunday.  my work # is 625 9811 and is best way to reach me.


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Compost - "I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours"

Now I know that there is a science behind compost and I have attended the workshops for producing fantastic compost, but the reality is that we have a fairly standard suburban compost system and I end up just tossing our food scraps in with out any real method.…


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Our world is not for sale....

A great video that is a must see for all...Dr. Shiva is an amazingly talented environmentalist that is fighting for India from the ground up, speaks very truely from the heart.....every action has a reaction and in the case of the multi national seed companies its just plain wrong!




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Are you an Urban Farmer in an Auckland Suburb?

image source


Hayley from the Aucklander is looking for anyone with an urban farm in the Auckland suburbs. Do you know of someone who raises sheep in their backyard, sells…


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Don't leave the MOTH in the garden!!

Before I left for 3 months travelling, I set up a little backyard garden, so the Man of the House (MOTH) could enjoy the fruits of my labour in my absense.

My parting instructions were..... "and to keep the herbs from going to seed, just pluck the flowers off"

That was all he heard. "pluck the flowers off"

So on my return the garden hadn't produced too much.

In discussions with MOTH he proudly told me how he had been plucking the flowers off diligently..... on…


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Preserving Food- Notes from Oooobyversity talk by Lisa Loveday

 These are quite extensive but please feel free to post any comments or your favourite recipes at the end. 



Preserving – Lisa Loveday

Saving food for future use

Understanding the principles of each method means when you see a recipe in a book or on the internet you will know which parts are…


Added by Lisa L on February 4, 2011 at 5:30pm — 8 Comments

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