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The Great Community Gardens Road Trip

Earlier in the week from a Facebook CG page the wonderful Tara gave me a much needed starting point a contact at the Auckland Council. My heart sank, who ever heard of council workers being helpful, but Tara was insistent that this was the person I needed to start with. So with much internal debate I tucked away my self reservations and dived in with a email to the infamous community project development leader extradoinare Ellen.  What I got back was this amazing link …


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Starting a Urban Farm....Hopefully!

So my work gave me the green light to do some investigation into the Urban Farming Concept for my Horticulture students!

Ideally I would like a urban farm associated or on a community garden.  With the aim of involving the community, creating some ownership & community involvement in the students and also create and be able to show in a practical way healthy food independence.

The struggle that my work sees is that our Hort course is based in East Tamaki.  I see this as a…


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Hi all...just been starting to make my own water and milk kefir and would be very keen to source some RAW GOATS MILK....anyone know where to get this? Many thanks!

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Edible berm

In case you missed it


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Tagasaste - supporter or competitor?

Forking over the chicken run I unearthed surface roots from the adjacent Tagasaste (tree lucerne). As a nitrogen fixer will this tree increase vegetable production or reduce it by competing for water and other nutrients? Much is made of suppport planting in permaculture theory whereas organic gardeners tend to eliminate competing plants and add nutrition through leguminous annuals or green manures in the rotation. Eliminating competitors reduces diversity of habitat, a possible reason…


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Berm flowers

This wonderful Akl. councillor in Grey Lynn has planted her berm with flowers instead of grass. However, the fascistic Denise Krum is angered by violation of the rules saying 'it's a dog's breakfast'. Actually it's a bees' breakfast. Perhaps we should plant killjoy councillors in the berms?


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Compost bin gone

I demolished the 1 cubic metre bin with the coop as without the chickens I wont be producing much compost. I drilled holes in a plastic dustbin for the kitchen waste and parked it under an orange tree so the effluent feeds the tree.

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Chickens gone

The girls were down to 3 eggs a week each so I decided to move them on. They've gone to 4 acres in Pukekohe so Im telling myself they will live happily ever after but truth is they will get eaten before too long. I got $5 each for them. I decided not to replace them as I really prefer them to be outside foraging for their food and it just doesn't work here. Today I demolished the coop, reinstated the fencing, removed the compost, forked over the strip, replaced the compost and added coffee.…


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Bananas gone

These didnt look like the fruit was going to be much good and they use a lot of water. Ive now got rid of all tropicals which were put in on the assumption that we would continue to get too much rain ha ha. So now Im aiming for a mediterranean orchard look with citrus, clover and weeds. A big problem with a micro-site is deciding what to give up. The only way to get a large variety of fruit types is to bonsai them.…


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