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Sustainable chooks

Im testing various foliage on the girls in my quest for closed loop eggs. They eat taro, yacon, dandelion and nightshade (without the berries). Giving them access to the compost gets it well mixed and manured. Im also grinding the shells to powder and putting it on the veg beds for calcium.

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Decay in the cycle

I was about to remove the last courgette, which has finished flowering, when I noticed it had 50 ladybirds on its fungus infected leaves. I wonder if, like some ants, they eat fungus? By tidying up we may be depriving our ecosystems of useful stages of habitat. Old habits die hard.

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Update on Tenui food forest

Hi - I have added some photos of my emergent food forest here in the Wairarapa..go to to have a look.
Still a work in progress - lots of long grass, but I am looking forward to the coming planting season..drawing up a planting plan is a goal..I am just a bit flumoxed on where to start!

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Homemade Organic Spelt Pasta & Basil Pesto

Journey to the Goodlife: We made our own organic spelt pasta yesterday which we covered in our own homemade basil pesto…


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Started a blog about growing for the local market!

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EAT THIS - The Emerging Food Renaissance.

I propose that over the next 7 years we will be passing through a time of significant change in many areas of our lives.  I trust that we will ultimately see a better world than we have today and I also realise that the transition phase is our most vulnerable and risky time.…


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Organic/spray-free and free-range food waste

Ever wondered where to go for a nutrient-dense meal without compromise on ingredients in Auckland?

That wondering will be over from early June 2013. A new Breakfast Deli/Lunch-/Tapas- and Oyster Bar will open at the Wynyard Quarters on Halsey Street. We will have an organic juice bar, organic coffee, a whole free-range/organic/spray-free lunch and deli…


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Building Community Food Forests

Start a food forest with a coffee and a croissant. For only $8 you could help build the foundation of Auckland's first Community Food Forest on public land.

'Food Forest Andy' has the skills and know how to establish a high yield forests to provide fresh, nutritious food for generations to come. So with your contribution of as little as $8 (or as much as you…


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Pumpkin help please!

Our much loved pumpkin dropped off the vine in high winds a few days after this photo was taken.

Does it need to ripen more or is it ok to eat now?

If it needs to ripen where do we put it so it can?  

Any help on this would be much…


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A plethora of pumpkins

45 self sown pumpkins in total. Have now taken the vines out and composted them.

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Nasty nettles

Stupidly got stung by my own nettles. I tried cellotape to pull the stings out, vinegar, baking soda, soap, anti-histamine cream, pee pee and calamine lotion - none of which really worked. Need to let some docks grow and plant some Aloe.

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Chicken sitters

Our neighbours agreed to tend the chooks in exchange for the eggs for two weeks while we were in Japan. Strangely three sparrows drowned in the chooks water bucket during this time.

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Veg bed prep.

Put in a low retaining wall of pavers to stop the mulch from drifting downhill from the birds digging for insects. Looks strangely tidy but hopefully will help my winter veg seedlings get established.

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Ladybird habitat

I found yellow ladybirds on the pumpkins and red ones on the corn, showing the value of diversity for providing habitat.

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Passionfruit seedlings

These 10 were self sown in the veg bed - must have tossed one on there last year. Resaearch shows seedlings are more reliable than cuttings - unusual for fruit.

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40 fruits so far - good flavour

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Discovering fabulous health benefits!

Journey to the Goodlife: I've noticed some major positive changes to our families health lately, here are a few I just have to share...

Energy Levels are through the roof.

It's simple. We…


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Situations Vacant: Interested in casual work for an all-natural drinks company?

Hi we are looking for a mature reliable person (would suit a Mum) to work with us on a casual basis at a couple of food/health shows we are doing in Auckland in early August and early November. You must be available to work the duration of the show eg Thu to Sun and have some experience with and/or passion for selling all-natural/organic food or drink products. For the right person this could lead to ongoing work conducting tastings for us in the Auckland region and/or sales work. In the…


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Heartwarming. Ron Finley: A Guerilla Gardener in South Central LA

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the answer-hemp

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