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POD Gardening

Subscribe to POD in May and receive two free packets of seed (whilst stocks last).

To qualify for a packet of 'Silverbeet Fordhook Giant' and 'Lettuce Gourmet Salad Blend' simply enter Ooooby as your last name when you subscribe to POD during May. POD will arrange to get seeds to you at the end of the month. …


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Shade worshippers

Chooks evolved from forest dwellers so mine have spent most of the day hiding from the sun under the passionfruit vine. If you want to free range your chooks make sure theyve got shade. This may explain why the commercial 'free range' egg producers birds kept going inside when all they had was an open grass…


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Wine revolt

Given that red wine appears to reduce the risk of heart disease (vis the French paradox), its interesting that its not only double taxed, but triple taxed, as GST is charged on the retail price, which has already had duty added. Ive made a contact at a local vinyard who will supply me with cuttings from winter prunings and from which I plan to produce my own wine.

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5 acre permaculture design video

Geoff Lawton explaining a Queensland development he evolved


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Free ranging

Have been letting the chooks out for prison exercise. They seem to prefer the neighbours lawns to my food forest and ended up sunbathing in one guys veg patch. Hopefully more weeds will germinate with the rain.

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What exciting thing happened in my back yard?

It rained. Yabberdabberdoo!

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Retaining walls

Liberated some discarded fencing from a construction site and used it to put a better retaining wall around half the veg bed. The other half is steeper so I built retaining earth mounds from clay excavated from tree planting holes. Pics to follow when the sun returns.

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Dancing with Hens

Princess Layer and Rose Red have arrived for their sojourn in South Brighton  and settled in  well. 2 eggs so far ! They are very engaging and I'm enjoying their happy little noises as they potter about the front garden  digging up insects and scratching up whats left of the grass.

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Have you looked around Ooooby lately?

Hi, just a quick hello to give you a snappy update from Ooooby.

Here are some things that might tickle your fancy.

Local Food delivered to your door.

- Connect with other food gardeners, beekeepers,…


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Monsanto vs Mother Earth

They are at it again and they must be stopped ---


Added by Richard Watson on April 12, 2013 at 7:00am — 2 Comments

Wiltshire Horn Sheep

We have been selling sheep and lambs, reducing our flock to the best shedders.  Wiltshires are an old breed, they are easy to look after as they don't (shouldn't!) need shearing.

I love their long faces and their horns, and they look great when they fully shed.  If they half shed, they look really scruffy!

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Hey, wonderful how they just grow, isn't it?  We put them in really late, but it has been such a long dry (extremely dry) summer, and there they are, so many of them.  Wonderful!

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Quince Jelly... sweet rose petal flavour

Journey to the Goodlife: Quince Jelly... this batch I made tastes like natures golden syrup from a fruit.

Made with organic fair trade sugar, it is beautifully sweet and has a slight rose petal flavour.

This was my first time making a preserve…


Added by Bec Lees on April 5, 2013 at 9:04pm — 3 Comments

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