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We've got ducks! I must have checked on them about 10 times today, but despite the constant intrusion they seem to be settling in well. We have four beautiful cayuga ducks - three female and one male. They came home yesterday with me via a 2 1/2 hour car trip, then two ferry trips (from devonport into the big city, then across to the island), then the final car trip home. There were a few protest quacks but overall they coped quite well.… Continue

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Permaculture and Bee Hives

By Sonya at Permaculture Pathways

We're keen to introduce bee hives into our permaculture system here on our 2.25 acres. Bees bring with them some unique services - namely pollination of food crops. I was speaking to a local organic grower and he noticed an increase in… Continue

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6 Of the Best Herbs for Growing In the Kitchen

Hi Everyone,

This is my choice for the 6 best and most useful herbs for growing in the kitchen. Obviously there are hundreds more variations but these are my selection.If yours are different then let me know and I can maybe write a posting on your favourites and why.

Growing herbs in the kitchen is rewarding. Aside from its accessibility when needed, there is nothing compared to using fresh herbs to enhance your favorite food. Growing herbs in the kitchen is not rocket science.… Continue

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A Green Future You Say?

This was taken from an obituary site. I post it to get more people react if they like this idea...

When it comes to funeral arrangements, a Swedish biologist would like you to think outside the pine box.

She's Susanne Wiigh-Masak, 49, and she has patented a process " U.S. Pat. No. 4,067,091 " that freeze-dries a human body and reduces it to granules just like instant coffee, but pinkish beige in color.

Her… Continue

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Seeds Sown Indoors Today

Spinach Strawberry (heirloom from
Bean Roquefort
Thyme (wild)
Lavender Dwarf Munstead
Watermelon Georgia Rattlesnake
Cucumber Green Dragon

It has been bucketing down - totally annoying on a Saturday when I want to get out in the garden, so I've had to content myself with sowing instead.

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Ten Tips on Herbs and Growing Them Easily With Little Knowledge

This is just a little helpful posting with tips to grow herbs for those beginners out there who don't know where to start.

I hope that some of you find them useful.

We all know that herbs are essential to our diet. They do not only make food tastier they are also used as medicine. If you decided that you want to grow your own herbs you have made the right choice. Planting herbs and growing them can even save you lots of money. They save you money on your food bill, and they also… Continue

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Oooo what a good idea

Pete and Kate man the Ooooby Store (not a typo) at the new Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market in Auckland that opened this spring. This clever concept buys produce from producers and even out of local gardens and sells them for a commission. The market operates from 8am on Sunday mornings (except the last Sunday of the month) at the Grey Lynn Community at… Continue

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Ooooby-versity metting 22nd September

We had three new members tonight. Welcome to; Alma, Maryanne and Thelma. Was nice to see some new faces. Graham (from the Slaithwaite Co-op was interested in learning what our 'game' plan is. We told him about the land and what we hope to achieve with it and that it is a learning experience for all of us. We aim to keep it organic too.

Dave and Jake managed to get to the garden centre at Milnsbridge and saw Paddy Walsh who has donated about 20 bags of compost and a couple of gravel.… Continue

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Fishing and gardening in your living room? Welcome to the future of farming

Source: BrandX

Finding ways to grow edible gardens in our limited urban landscape has inspired a flurry of creative solutions among green-thumbed pros and apartment-bound rookies alike. With chefs growing produce on rooftop gardens, Santa Monica homeowners creating "share gardens" with their neighbors and Del Rey dwellers planting in patches of soil in… Continue

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Inmate gardeners at Rikers Island grow vegetable crops that feed the city

Inmates carry a crate of produce from the garden on Rikers Island, where a large portion of the vegetable crops are donated to City Harvest.

Source: NYDaily

On a bright September morning, a late summer harvest is underway in a robust garden populated by… Continue

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Permaculture Principles

Source: Treehugger

Image credit: Permaculture Principles

Permaculture is a philosophy or design discipline
that seems to mean a lot of different things to different people - from a… Continue

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Getting organised

After so long as a lady of leisure its hard work! I have lettuces ready to prick out, the first of the tomatoes are up and the mice are having to find another home as I spread the compost. They have had fair warning!

Fennel, celery, celriac have popped out and there are onions to transplant. The goji plants look surprisingly well despite sitting in a small pot for more than an year. I grew them from seed of dried fruit! The yakon are on the move and the chooks have been restricted. Now I… Continue

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compost and finding a good source.

Hi there, I run a cafe in the city. For a couple of years now we have been seperating the rubbish and composting the bio degradables. I drop it off at Kelmana Gardens and the good folk there turn it into food again. Every now and then I drop a load at home to make a compost heap or to bury in a garden.

What I was hoping to do here was motivate someone into recycling their waste or someone else into asking there local cafe, restaurant, fruit shop... for their waste.

It… Continue

Added by Jeff & Kara Nagle on September 21, 2009 at 6:30pm — 2 Comments

Mojo Risin'

Well, there have been a few stressful changes going on in our lives recently: I've started fulltime work (plus continuing to work parttime on Saturdays), my son's started fulltime care, then my husband was made redundant and is currently looking for a new job :/ Plus the usual winter colds, tiredness and other interruptions, so the garden got put on the backburner a bit. But now we're getting some lovely sunny days here in Dunedin and I'm starting to get a bit more energy back - must be Spring… Continue

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Urinating on your tomato plants could give you fruit four times larger

From the Daily Mail in the UK:

Gardeners keen to boost their crop of tomatoes may be surprised to learn they can turn to an unusual and free source of fertiliser.

Allotment growers can enrich the soil and therefore their plants using their own wee, according to a new study.

Scientists discovered the unusual addition made crops up to four times larger.

A team of Finnish researchers found that sprinkling tomatoes with human urine mixed with wood ash was the… Continue

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National Geographic: Human Pee With Ash Is a Natural Fertilizer, Study Says

Human Pee With Ash Is a Natural Fertilizer, Study Says

Charles Choi

for National Geographic News

September 18, 2009

When it comes to cultivating a green thumb, gardeners perhaps need only look to their urinals and… Continue

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Tao Te Ching 80 by Lao-tzu

As I entered the kitchen this morning I was greeted by Dale who was reading the Tao Te Ching.

I asked, 'What does the Tao Te Ching have to say to us today?' so she started reading from the page she was up to.

--------------- 80 ---------------

If a country is governed wisely,

its… Continue

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From Forbes Magazine - "Is Organic Fare Healthier For Your [restaurant] Bottom Line?

Restauranteur Roadblocks

Is Organic Fare Healthier For Your Bottom Line?

Miriam Marcus, 09.18.09, 03:11 PM EDT

The inventory costs more and the additional nutritional value is dubious. Serve it anyway.…


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Lawn Replacement

Hubby thinks I've gone mad. Yesterday I started removing our lawn because it is a mixture of weeds and kikuya and I'm replacing it with anything I've got an abundance of seed-wise and that is easy to pull out later: corn, wheat, marigolds, parsley, buckwheat, alfalfa and goodness knows what else as I go along. Why? Because I'm organic and I don't want to spray my lawn to get rid of it, neither do I want a muddy bog while I painstakingly remove it. Since I don't have oodles of spare time it will… Continue

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Edible East End Launches Annual Edible Eat-Drink Local Week

Source -

Southampton - Happy harvest season! In hopes of expanding the East End's locavore community, and driving new customers to like-minded restaurants, Edible East End invites restaurants to participate in the first annual Edible Eat Drink Local Week on Sunday, Sept. 27 through Sunday, Oct. 4,… Continue

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