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Lovely rain.. very light but wetting..hope it continues this way.

I've spent the morning planting out madly. Bright Lights beet in the flower garden along with picotee poppies. Cleaned up an old area with wet newspaper and clean compost on top and planted out Italian kale, perpetual spinach, more Bright Lights and lettuces. Used most of the rest of the floor of the hothouse for more carrots and planted out the last of the basil. Oh, and filled a polystyrene container with lettuces, carrots, pak choi and silver beet for the Food Bank...the first of many, I… Continue

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Too hot to work

Today was a scorcher early in the day...30C by 10am! It was too hot to work in the garden, so most had to wait until sundown, when it was a little cooler. Removed more bolted celery...left just one for seed saving. Will do the same with celeriac. Light weeding around the bush tomatoes. Netting around the currants...birds like them! I've decided where to plant that currant bush now, so it can go in this week. Picked more herbs. Planted Gotu Kola (pennywort). The new comfrey plant is doing great,… Continue

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Well I got busy the other day and made some pesto. I had some basil that needed picking and since I haven't made it before thought it would be interesting. According to my beloved it worked out well, so I have a 330g jar in the fridge, though somehow I don't think it will last long there. I really do need to freeze some basil for the winter.

I cheated and went to a local strawberry patch and picked some strawberries for christmas soup and to make some jam, since I have no run out of… Continue

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Hiving the New Bees

I hived my bees last night - the techy description for taking the bees from the cardboard boxes that they came in and transferring them to their new permanent home. Wielded my smoker with a bit more expertise than the last time, only had to re-light once. I'm using pine needles as my fuel as I frequently raid the neighbours trees for my blueberry mulch anyway. Old sacking seems to be the most popular (I'm guessing easiest) but I'm a bit… Continue

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culture of availability


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First State Dinner at Obama White House Inspired by First Lady's Garden

Source: Treehugger

The Obama White House held its first official state dinner last night, for visiting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Thanks to input by First Lady (and First Gardener/First Locavore) Michelle Obama, the evening had a decidedly green theme.

Inspired by, and including foods from,… Continue

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Trials and Tribulations of a Newbie

January 2009 saw my partner and I digging up the back lawn in prepartation for a small vegetable garden. I have never been a gardener ha haha. Now the garden has been extended twice in the last 3 months and I am still wondering where I am going to put everything. Most of the garden is now planted and wouldn't you know it we may not be here long enough to harvest all of the garden and fruit this year. So I am putting some of the extra seedling into pots just in case.

Even though its… Continue

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I've spent some time relieving the large tomato plants of some of their leaves, partially so that the goodness in the soil can go into the fruit, partly because it was difficult to walk the path for the jungle! The bolted celery is nearly all picked, and same with the celeriac, so I'll soon have another 5 squares to plant into YAY! I said I wasn't going to grow brassicas, but this week I planted 4 broccoli seedlings...I'll see how it goes. There's little weeding to do in my almost self-care… Continue

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A bit of nostalgia - "Bill & Ben The Flower Pot Men"

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Another interesting series of articles - climate change focused but related to food...

Lancet series on public health impacts of climate change mitigation policies

The medical journal, The Lancet, has published a special issue which looks at the health impacts of climate change mitigation policies in four areas: agriculture; transport; the built environment; and electricity generation. Just to clarify – the question the series papers seek to address is not ‘what would the health impacts be if greenhouse gas emissions were reduced in general?’ BUT on ‘what health… Continue

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Window Farms Give Growing Power to Manhattanites

Window Farms Give Growing Power to Manhattanites

November 24, 2009 7:50am

By Suzanne Ma

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

CHINATOWN — Urban gardeners don't have to risk life… Continue

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The Island Farmers Market


@ No. 7 Belgium St every Sunday 10 – 2pm

starting December 13th


- member of Farmers Market New Zealand Inc

- stall fees $12 - $20 ( FREE for community groups up to 3 x per year)

- water, power & cool storage by arrangement ($5 each per day)

- eftpos for customers

- introductory workshop to help with sales pitch, presentation and… Continue

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Federica Pozzi

University of Gastronomic Science, Italy

Master in Food, Culture and Communication

October 2009


Introduction 3

Alternative food networks in Ireland 4

What is O.O.O.O.B.Y.? 8

O.O.O.O.B.Y. and Carraig Dulra: the Irish experiment 11

Conclusion 17


This study is a report of an… Continue

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Raised gardens

A comment on the dimensions of raised gardens. I have found that a height of 25cm (10 inches) gives plenty of depth for almost any plants, and is deep enough to stop serious drying out. Since birds are often a problem I make mine the size of half a roll of wire netting. The mesh is 5 metres long (16'5")) by 3 feet wide (910mm). Brads in the top of the boards make a simple clip-on fit.

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Poppy's Special Paper Bags

We have a very generous young lady who has come to the Ooooby Stall twice with a big bunch of hand crafted paper bags. Poppy has very kindly given nearly 100 personally folded newspaper grocery bags to the Ooooby Stall for our customers to enjoy.

Thank you very much Poppy.

There will be no market this… Continue

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Do kids love DIY greens?

Source: The Aucklander

Does growing their own vegetables encourage children to eat more greens? It's a riddle a curious Auckland University dietician is determined to solve, writes Valerie Schuler.

Emelda Braun and Annie Wu smile enthusiastically as they talk about their class's new

vegetable patch. "We've got bok choy, cabbages,… Continue

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A little patch of process

This is my first attempt [ever] at writing a "blog". I have heard the term so many times but dismissed it as something other folk do to while away the time!! Well then I must have time on my hands after all the planting I have done in recent weeks.

I am betwixt and between homes having migrated to NZ and moved into a rental property just a few weeks ago. I have adopted a very small patch of newly cleared earth - just 6 x 4 feet - and bought some hefty planters to allow the chance of… Continue

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The great global land grab

Source: Red Pepper

The global food crisis has prompted various rich countries to start buying up land in the poorer world to secure their food supplies. As well as affecting domestic food supplies in the countries affected, Sue Branford says it could be a time bomb for the world’s ability to cope with climate change

News of another big land deal… Continue

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Well met at the bottom of the garden!

I have just had the pleasure of meeting my first 'Ooooby.' Daniel and his family came from Putaruru to meet us. Lovely!
Have planted more red onions - Italian ones this time, planted out more Giant Chicory, Apache lettuce and Italian cos lettuce. Fennel to prick out as well as some more kale.
Nice weather - fine misty rain at times - and warm.

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Grey Lynn Farmers Market

Hey All!

Just a reminder for this weekends market. Bring your homegrown goodies to the stall preferably between 6:30- 8:00 am on Sunday. If you are unable to make it on Sunday you can always contact me to drop off your items today at our house in Freeman's Bay. Looking forward to meeting all of you lovely growers!

Christy and Giulio
021 120 8083

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