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Big tree branch

A big tree branch from the Elm by the driveway has broken off and fallen. Seems to have some kind of fungus or rot and will have to be removed. The top pciture shows the break and some of the fungus looking rot. The second shows where it barely missed the bird bath.…


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Wow I forgot I had a blog in here!

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Heres to the summer that didn't happen.

Strange as it sounds the garden looks great, but the damp cool weather we had seemed to stop production.
California has big fires and the smoke is keeping me inside most of the day. I will have a hot cuppa in the shade thank you.
I hope everyone is going to have great success in the garden this season.

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lovely day...

went to the experimental gardens at the Colorado College. I am a bit sunburned but happy! The leaves are turning red already because the weather has been so odd. Still the garden isn't the complete failure that I thought it might become. The Rainbow Chard is doing nothing though. Neither are the Canterbury Bells or the Fennel.

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last night

My little dashunds cornered a baby skunk. It has been an awful stinky day of baking soad and vinegar baths.

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Rainbow Chard

Is ready to go out into the real garden now I think. Fennel also. The weather has everything all messed up. Still what can you do but start on the season extenders as I think I may need them early this year.

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I haven't posted in a couple of weeks because life got busy

However I have had some really good news ... the lab said benign. Okay enough of that. I put up seven quarts of cordialed cherries for the Christmas season. (winter here) I am happy to say that the garden is finally thinking about fruiting. Some of the tomatoes have little 'matters growing on them. Salad is starting to be not so happy, however I am going to try to put some in my shade garden to see if that will work against the summer heat.

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Little bit of surgery is all finished.

I am going to spend the rest of the day with my feet up.
The only thing I have done in the garden today was some hand watering. It should not take long for the rain to fall now because I watered the potted plants. LOL

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Greetings Earth Dwellers

The hen and chicks (house leeks?) are growing crazy big this season. Here is a shady spot that I am trying to encourage the ground covers in because the dogs seem to leave them alone.

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Oh The Fragrance

This is a single flower mock orange. The plant itself is about 50 and was a start from my neighbors mother in laws garden. The perfume is just knock you over strong. I will be getting a cutting or two to start some of my own. Yay!!

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Poor garden is trying to grow

Still I think I am going to put the greenhouse together earlier than I thought. Perhaps early August if not early July.
Flash flood warnings are out. Still the garden is giving it all the ol' college try!

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The weatherman says to cover your garden to keep the soil a bit dryer. This is high desert and we don't deal well with the idea of wet soil. Cool nights and wet afternoons are playing havoc with the garden, but I think it is going to survive.
Some of my beds are raised and seem to be doing better than the lower stuff.

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still cool and rainy...

but the garden looks like it is trying to get the idea. I am thankful for the slow start as the home life has been a bit hectic with the new baby in the house. All are happily doing well.
I am going to try to post pictures this week of the new growth once the squirrels get the idea that I don't want them to eat it all before it gets going. Taking to turning the lilltle pack loose on them just to get them tree'd again.

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News at noon said snow...

I don't think I am going to have summer this year. If the temp drops much more, I am going to have to cover stuff again.

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Congratulations to us...

totally off topic perhaps. My neice had a baby girl named Angel this morning, and we are all stupid with sleep deprevation and the let down after all the excitement. Mother and baby are well. Yay!!! Her Daddy is a wore out but in love kinda guy right now.

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Another rainy and cold day in Colorado Springs...

but who can afford to fuss about free water! The high here was about 45f and it has rained or been foggy all day. I can't really wait to see what Pikes Peak looks like when the clouds break. It has been snowing there for days. I brought the tender seedlings back in because of the cold night temps. At least it isn't snowing here.

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The wind quit, and the chill off the snow fields on the mountain is intense. I havve brought in everything that isn't firmly planted in the earth as it seems like it could frost. I hope that I can get this garden really kicked in. One thing I have found is that if you put compost on as a top dressing your roses go wild! I planted rainbow swiss chard (silver beet) today and hope that it comes up in spite of a cold evening. Sunday I planted golden zuccinni and think I may have gone over board on… Continue

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Finding a place to start! I really couldn't, so I decided to make one. There is only one post there now but it will grow.

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Greetings Earth Dwellers...

It was always a joke between my brothers and sisters and myself. It was from some old space invasion movie. Still doesn't it make more sense now? I like to think of myself as dwelling on the Earth. To dwell... to remain for a time, to live as a resident, to keep the attention directed upon, to speak or write about insistently.... got to love Webster! I am not certain what form this awareness of dwelling is going to take in the long run, but for now it is enough that I am becoming aware enough… Continue

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water continued

So I have my feet a bit on steadier ground today. I made a donation to the River Keepers and found a local group to do some volunteer work with. I should at least feel a bit of the powerlessness go. I have alot of learning to do.

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