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Funny what you remember when you busy yourself in a garden, on a cold Sunday, prepping things for the arrival of spring. Hauling out a clump of weeds from the raised bed, I suddenly remembered an event from 1983 and burst out laughing. My wife - and my dog - looked at me, strange. I recounted the reason for the mirth, but only the dog really listened. (My wife hated name-dropping, but for this yarn, there is no avoiding… Continue

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Back to nature in the Sounds


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Sax players always get the girls


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Thanks Dad

My dad was a great gardener; my God, could he ever grow tomatoes. His put my efforts to…

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Floppyfoot and the 7/8 time signature


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Romanian Orphans and Fried Green Tomatoes

This summer was the first time I have attempted to grow tomatoes.

Never again.

Growing tomatoes is like a dire punishment for some serious crime against humanity.

Never again.

They are more work than a litter of blind puppies.

Honestly, my 4 heirlooms, now more than 2 meters tall, have been very similar to taking on 4 Romanian orphans, all under 3, all with serious health conditions. Watering twice daily, feeding twice weekly, treatments for mildew, constant pruning,… Continue

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Technology for the nuclear (atomic) bomb and the technology to allow television broadcasts, were both discovered at about the same time – in the very early 40’s.

At that time, one can imagine that most people felt that the bomb would have the power to destroy the world.

And that they felt that television had the power to ‘save’ the world, through its ability to educate on a mass scale.

In fact, as pointed out by… Continue

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Sometimes, veges don't cut it.

Sometimes, and most particularly the day after nights like last night, sitting up and talking - a lot - until 5.30 am, you just have to have a pie.

I just did.

A potato top. From the award winning Elite bakery. So they say.

And you know what, like pretty much all pies in New Zealand, it was ordinary at best. Bland.

It made me remember the Montville pie: the greatest pie of all time. And it has been far too long between meals.

If you ever… Continue

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Cricket's in the garden

Test cricket can be a long five days, and can often end in a draw or washed out by a couple of days’ rain, but I love it. For within those five days, a few extraordinary things will happen; they just do. That is why I can watch for hours, knowing that sooner or later, I will witness something special.

Over the years, test cricket has provided many great stories. Many are, obviously, based on prowess but others go beyond this – not just the hilarious moments, but the sad or emotional… Continue

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Fear and loathing at 30,000 feet

In about 90 minutes I have to get on a plane and fly to Auckland. Again. Already I am trepid; stricken by my irrational fear of flying.

I was fine with flying. Once.

Until the incident – a wind shear thing (people call them air pockets I think) back in ‘87. We’d just had the sharemarket crash, and this looked like it’d be the next big crash for the year. I was most definitely about to die. On descent into Christchurch from Brisbane in a Jumbo, we dropped straight out of the sky.… Continue

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Back in the day

Hide and seek in the park. The corner dairy, hopscotch, four square, go carts, cricket in front of the garbage bin and inviting everyone on your street to join in, skipping, hulahoops, handstands, bullrush, barbadoor, catch and kiss, footy on the best lawn in the street, slip'n'slides, the trampoline with water on it (or a sprinkler under it), jumping in puddles with gumboots on, mud pies and building dams in the gutter. The smells of 2 stroke and the sun leaching freshly cut grass. Flagons. A… Continue

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Uses for your olives: 1 in a series.

The classic Martini.

Place several blocks of ice into a mixing glass, pour in a half cap of dry vermouth, then immediately pour it out, through a strainer. There will be enough vermouth left 'clinging' to the ice for your purposes.

Add 3 shots of gin to the ice on the mixing glass. If you prefer a smooth martini, use Tanqueray 10 gin. If you like a rougher edge, Boodles gin is a good choice.

Gently stir the mix with a rod. Important not to shake as the ice with 'bruise' the… Continue

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